Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days: Day 4

Today, we just picked up around the house, and then, I picked up My Life as Mrs. M.

We had the pleasure of attending That's Influence's wedding. She was seriously the most stunning bride ever! Her dress was beautiful, the place she had her wedding and reception at was beautiful, everything was beautiful (old Victorian house in the Victorian Village---right up my alley!). Not to mention, the food was great. One thing I was pretty happy about was I got to actually eat my wedding food. She used the same caterer I used, and it was nice to know my food tasted really good. ha! I was so stressed and busy floating around at my own reception that I only ate a few bites. That was after my photog tracked me down and made me eat. So, I'm glad to know the food was not just edible but yummy:)

Here's my OOTD pre-rain:
I paired this Lilly Pulitzer Blayney dress in Starry Blue Drama Queen with black tights and black knee boots since it decided to turn fall within 24 hours and be cold and rainy. And, you get to see my new color! I really like the low lights. What do you think???

All she wanted was a "cupcake" dress. And she looked gorgeous and SO happy in it:)))

Of course, not only was the wedding fun, but I was so glad I got to catch up My Life as Mrs. M. Love her!

Here's a pic of me, Whit, and Mrs. M post-rain!
I loved her centerpieces! My favorite part is the crystal candlesticks that are giving height to the glass. Very classy. The flower arrangements were very pretty too!

Congratulations, Whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afterwards, I met up with LC at our friends' house. We had a yummy dinner and played Catch Phrase. I've never played that game before and it was SO fun. SO SO fun, y'all. Like I want to play again like NOW. ha:)

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Brooke said...

The wedding dress is adorable!

Looks like a nice day!



Leslie said...

I love the dress you wore! Perfect for a fall wedding. The bride looks gorgeous and the way she displayed the flowers is really lovely.

REBrown said...

I love her dress, but I think I like your outfit more. Very cute!


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