Thursday, November 22, 2012

Small Business Saturday

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday. Please shop local and/or small businesses!! I know I'll be stopping by one of the local boutique/gift shop stores in my town square to pick up some pretties.

Also, if you're still shopping for Xmas items, please consider my newest small business venture as an independent Scentsy consultant! Doing this has definitely been out of my comfort zone, but I'm liking it! I  decided to become a consultant because I love the product and use it myself. I'm only $232 away from making my goal as new consultant (i didn't even think that was possible, and i'm so close!!)
PS-if you shop through the party listed shipping is cheaper:)

The Scentsy buddies (stuffed animals) including scent pak are still BOGO free. That means for $25 you get two. And they are ADORABLE!!!

 And the Fragrance Foams are BOGO free right now as well, so 2 for $6 basically. Great stocking stuffers:)

Also, there are some extra savings if you do the combine and save packages. Just a thought!!!

I'm not allowed to advertise my personal specials, so you can always email me to find out more!
Also, you can always host a party. You can earn free product and 1/2 price items. Just email me for more details:))

PS-you can sign up for my newsletter here.

Go get your small business shopping on!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day:)

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Unknown said...

Love your blog! I have been reading it for a couple years now, and have finally decided to create my own blog! Please follow back! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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