Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas was so fun. Honestly, I just wasn't into the holiday spirit this year [post to come later on that...maybe], and it seemed like Christmas just snuck up on me. This year, the most important and best thing about Christmas was the time I spent with my family and my husband's family. I think that was THE best present out of all the presents given to me. It feels like time flies by so fast now that I'm getting older, and once you're "grown" we waste half our lives at work. The moments when we're all together seem few and in between. I think that is what made Christmas special to me!

I do have to admit I got some amazing gifts! I'm so blessed that I feel almost liked I'd be bragging if I posted them all! So, I'm just going to post the Christmas presents I got for myself. Ha!

Gap Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan sweater
This is so freaking comfy and warm. I can't wait to wear it:)
no link, sorry!---sadly, it's out of stock

Reversible Winter Infinity scarf
one side is leopard and the other is brown fleece. 
bought this from Jewelry Nut Auctions on fb. if you never heard of them, go ahead and click that like button. jna is probably one of my fave jewelry auction sites on fb. also, they have started carrying clothes/scarves too. 
i was picking up around the house right before i started this post. it's freezing. it snowed today here, and i'm freezing. i spotted this scarf while "cleaning" and while i might not look amazingly awesome in my wool socks, express blinged out jogging pant capris, an old long sleeve basketball tee from high school, last night's makeup and bedhead hair,  i put on this scarf to complete said ensemble, and it is unbelievable warm. not sure if it's coming off today. if you see me at the mailbox in a bit, don't judge;) 
I had an ESS credit from that debacle of a sale back in August and this cost me minimal $$
Sadly, I am exchanging this. I had high hopes for this one, but it did not work for me. I thought it would be similar to the elsa, so I ordered an XS. Nope, TOO small up top (i'm a 32 in case that helps). I didn't do my homework either. The sleeves aren't 3/4 like in this pic. They are long; maybe the wardrobe stylist rolled these up? Plus, that seam in the front, I thought it was just the way it fell on the model. Nope, that's how it's made---fyi, there are no buttons down that seam. It's just weirdly shaped to me. The V was too low; I'd have to wear a cami under it. Overall, I just did not like the fit. I'm pretty sure I'm going to exchange it for the top below: 
I'd had my eye on this and just should have ordered it to begin with!

Hope you all had the best Christmas ever. While I did not receive the one and only gift, a baby, that I truly wanted this year, this Christmas was still such a great one. Happy Holidays to you and good tidings it brings!


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Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Hey, just found your blog!! Didn't know you had one. I have the Elsa top and love it. Think I may have to add this gorgeous Boston top to my list!!


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