Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Post

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I thought about doing the *required, cliche* 2013 post on New Year's Day, but I figured everyone's reader would be bombarded with such posts so I decided to wait. I hate resolutions. I never keep them. So, this year, I'm making goals. I feel like goals are something to work towards!

My Goals!

1. Work hard to pay off as much debt as I can

2. Lose the 7 lbs I've gained since last year 

3. If you can't forgive and forget, forgive every time you remember

4. Go to church 

5. Pray more

6.  Be a better teacher by spending more time planning

7. Be neater in my home

8. Increase my Scentsy business

I'm just going to keep it real by explaining these. I'm hoping by writing them down that I will hold myself more accountable. 

I need to work off as much debt as possible because I'm in c/c debt. I know I'm not the only gal who loves to shop, but as you know, it's TOO much. I have a closet full of clothes. Some I haven't even worn yet. 

I've gained weight because a little turned into okay. Then, okay turned into a little bit more which in turn turned into I've gained the weight now I just don't care. NOT OKAY. My pants are starting to get a *smidge* snug. Need to eat healthier and work out more. 

I have a hard time forgetting when things have happened. I need to be better at forgiving every time I remember if I can't forget it. (heard #3 at a teacher in-service this week)

I need to go to church. After we married, I turned into the "holiday" catholic. I only attended church on Easter and Christmas. 

I rarely pray. I find that I only turn to prayer when I want something or something bad has happened. I think sometimes what does God think about that? Kinda like the friend who only calls when she needs something. Not cool!

I need to plan more as a teacher. I feel with anything there comes a point where you get comfortable. I hit that point this year. One can always be better!

I am a mess! I'm messy. My hubs says I never put anything back in its place. I find that to be true. I'd like to be better. 

I love Scentsy. That is the sole reason I started selling it. It's something about finding a smell that is familiar or reminds you of something. I love when I come home to a lovely aroma that just fills the room! Want to build my business ever further. 

So, those are my goals and explanations. I'm not perfect, and I just wanted to keep it real and put it out there. I want to hold myself accountable. I want to be better in all these areas of my life. I guess with anything, the first step is admitting you have issues, and the next is working towards resolving them. That is my "life plan" this year.

And this is my wish for you: 
Luck and Love in 2013 



Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I've been working on 1, 2, 4 and 5 also.

REBrown said...

I have a lot of these same goals - I need to get better about being neater and healthier.


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