Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OOTN: Dinner With Friends

OOTN: Dinner with Friends
top: Ny&Co. 
pants: SFAM jeans in original bootcut
shoes: DSW
handbag: boutique buy
jewelry: bracelets-DY, Kate Spade, pearls/
necklace-Stella & Dot
I absolutely love this top. It's on sale for $25.77 and if you're an NYCO rewards member, free shipping til July 31st. They also have this in a khaki-ish color instead of pink.  
Don't you just love this bag?!?!?! My MIL got this for me. I think it is so so cute:) 
You might have noticed the watermark in the first pic. Some cray cray on ebay tried using a complete body photo of me to sell one of their items on fleabay claming g00gle images is free for all. Ummm no, it's a search engine and has no rights to the actual pictures. I mean they could have at least cropped my head out of the photo. And then they wanted to be super snarky when I asked them to remove. So, watermarking it shall be from now on. 
And I totally didn't cut my hair off. It's the way the breeze was blowing, but it sure does look like it. Maybe, I might do it the next time I go in. Then again, it looks like straw. That means it's definitely time for a trim. Ah, the frying we brunettes do in order to have blonde locks.... ;)


Leslie said...

The top is fabulous! I love the whole outfit. :)


Rachel @ front row seat said...

Love love the outfit! The colors are so fun together.

That is a little scary about the ebay pic!! How in the world did you discover it?


So cute!!!! Erica

TLF said...

You look so cute.. love that bag!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

You look darling!


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