Monday, August 5, 2013

OOTN: Wedding Attire

One of my co-workers was married out of town at the beach a few weeks ago. Upon returning, they held a reception here which was so fun. I love being out of school for the summer because of things like sleeping in, not being tied to a schedule, being able to get appointments done without working extra hours planning for a sub, etc. BUT, I always miss the adult interaction during the summer months. I talk to my pug A LOT, but it's not the same since she can't really talk back to me. ;) So, the reception was such a nice way to catch up with what's been going on with my teacher friends!

OOTN: Wedding Attire
dress: Lilly Pulitzer Shannen dress in Bling my Chimes
shoes: Nine West
handbag: Lilly Pulitzer Love Note clutch
jewelry: Lilly Pulitzer, DY, pearls

The clutch is so cute. It's gold and has a little wishbone with a pearl on it. Adorable!! 

Btw, all you "thirty-something" gals can probably relate, I always say now that I have "Jennifer Aniston" hands. You know she doesn't look her age at all, but the hands give her away. I'm starting to get that way as well. Luckily for good genes, most still think I'm in my mid twenties say 26ish, but my hands don't lie:/
Here's a stock image of the print of my dress. If you look closely, it's made up mostly of all kinds of different rings. It took me forever to hunt down this dress because I decided I had to have it way after it had come out. Zuzu's Petals had it, and they really worked with me. They don't normally ship items but due to my desperation (ha!), they helped me out.  
 photo Signature_zps23e90dda.png


Southern Belle Mama said...

What a gorgeous dress! I know what you mean...I am almost 31, but still get carded regularly. Yet when I look at my hands I think, "Wow, they look just like my mom's!" :)

Nicole {Appalachian Charm} said...

Love your dress and clutch! I just turned 30 this year and people still think I am in my early 20's, hopefully it will pay off when I am 50 and look younger!!

Day Old News said...

You look beautiful!

Dee Stephens said...

Love that dress!


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