Friday, October 4, 2013

Five at Friday

[Here's my 5]

1. I'm SOOOOOOOO late to this one. I started my account sometime last year I think, but I only took one pic. Then, it was all the hype, and I just didn't get it. Nooooowwwww, I get it. And, I've succumbed. Sorry, friends if I've blown up your feed recently:) You can follow me by clicking the instagram button under my profile blurb, or you can search for me. username: southernbellejm
2. Coop----I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE this new wrap for my etched core warmer. The rooster is a reddish brown color and it goes perfectly with our cherry colored cabinets and granite in the kitchen. So cute! I think I'm warming Skinny Dippin' here. 
3. "Me" time---last weekend I worked a Junior League shift in the morning doing decorations for an event that night. Afterwards, I stopped by Sephora and got a mini makeover. Sadly, I no longer have "twenty-something" skin. It's that pathetic moment when you realize your powder is stuck in your frown lines:/ Lines...yeah, those weren't existent a few years ago. The MUA used Tarte's 12-hour clay foundation, and this is my face like 5 or 6 hours afterwards. Barely any shine, and my skin looks so smooth. I will confess she used some kind of NARS product to fill in the lines before applying primer. After using Benefit's Stay Flawless primer, she then applied the Tarte Foundation. I'm thinking as soon as my MUFE HD foundation runs out that I will switch to the Tarte. I was impressed:) I feel like I look goofy as all get out in this pic, but I wanted to show you no shine!
4. Mani-Pedi:))))) After Sephora, I headed to the nail salon that I frequent. If you are a local and are ever out in the burbs or as my friends call it "West Nashville" fyi i live in memphis, you should definitely check out Safety Nails. It's my favorite nail place. I decided to go dark since it's technically fall. The color is OPI's Black Cherry Chutney. 
5. King's Simulation--- last week, I did a simulation in class in order for my students to understand how the colonists felt when they were unfairly taxed (think pre-revolutionary war). I sorted out over 1,000 m&m's for my students. It took forever, but they had a good time and totally got what I wanted them to. For example, all my desks have red chairs. One of the object cards the king pulled taxed any colonist who was sitting in a red chair which was all my students. They were SO upset, but in the end, they understood the point. Teaching social studies is a lot more fun than teaching grammar I will admit:)

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Unknown said...

Wish I had such a fun teacher when I was doing social studies that's for sure. popped over from five on Friday link up :)

Catherine said...

Love that idea, isn't it the best when we work our butts off for our students and they actually appreciate the lesson? You go, girl!

E said...

I really love using the tart primer! It's very mattefying.

Leslie said...

Love your nails! It sounds like your students really enjoyed the lesson you created for them. :)


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