Monday, November 18, 2013

Joining the DAR...

During the summer months, I joined the DAR. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it on here. Well, I know I would have since I worked on the freaking information for like a year to do so. So, I KNOW I did. Anyway, I joined through a chapter in Maryland. Since Maryland isn't even close to me, I asked to be transferred to a local chapter.

I'm actually going to my first meeting next month. One of the members is hosting a Christmas luncheon at her home. I'm super nervous because 1)I've never met these women before and 2) I feel like a luncheon is kind of intimate for the "first date" ya know. Kinda wish I was meeting them at happy hour. LOL:) I hope they like me!

I've already become active in the DAR, and I can tell that I am really going to enjoy it. While JL is fun and really does amazing things, I find there are more things I'm interested in with the DAR. For example, genealogy. I'm a genealogy freak. I hope to be a genealogist in another life... I actually am volunteering with a local library soon in their genealogy department. They had asked my chapter for help, and I was happy to oblige. I'm sure I'll enjoy that one Sunday a month more than they know:)

And, I've also joined a committee. It doesn't even require me to leave the comforts of this dog hair free couch i lied. hubs came home late and in between time the pug and i snuggled on the couch. shhhhhhh! i'll never tell! The committee I joined is the Genealogical Preservation committee. I am helping to catalog records into categories. Not to brag or anything, but over the past couple of years, I have become pretty knowledgeable about documents. I find it relaxing. Zzzzzzzz

And to be quite honest, I find staying on overload kind of therapeutic. I like to consider myself an #emotionalworker I like to stay ridiculously busy with some sort of "work" to keep my thoughts at bay, or you can just call me cray cray. I'm okay with that. I kinda feel cray cray sometimes.
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Tammy Jo said...

That is really pretty neat :)

eHa said...

I agree! I love cleaning and organizing when I'm stressed out. Its so nice to see the tangible results of my work.


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