Sunday, March 23, 2014

Long Time, No Talk!

Hi readers! It seems likes it's been forever... And, in all reality, I guess it has. Posting has been sparse over the past few months due to life. Life happens ya know. I had to take my mom to cancer appointments. Luckily, she's in remission now, and it's more just housekeeping from this point on. Praise the Lord! And school has gotten super busy... I didn't have powerpoints for the last chapter, and believe it or not, making notes and making ppt to go with notes is SUPER time consuming. Picking out what's necesary and what's not takes time. Teachers work lots of hours!!!! And, I've had Junior League stuff, been preparing for my upcoming trip to the DAR state conference, etc. I won't continue to bore you with my obligations. ha!

 Back in February, I wore this outfit to dinner. My bff wanted me to meet the guy she's dating. I just wish my best friend could she what a wonderful person she is inside and out and how much she deserves! And, I guess that's all I can say about that:/

OOTN: Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top [print: amuse bouche]
7 for all Mankind jeans [original bootcut]
scarf: random [not sure where i got it]
shoes- Style & Co. 
earrings-Jojo Loves You

To be honest, the scarf made this outfit more casual than I wanted, but considering I had the hugest zit on my collarbone, said scarf was necessary. 

After dinner, we popped over to the bar across the street, and this quote was on their menu. 

JL is winding down as well as the countdown for summer begins, so hopefully, I will be posting more:)
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