Monday, June 2, 2014

300 Best Homemade Candy Recipes review

I say every summer that I am going to learn how to cook. However, I think I will leave the cooking to my husband. He's really good at it! Cooking is so grey. You can add this or that or more of this or less of that. Baking has to be exact! I need precise directions---black and white, no grey!

I was given the opportunity to review 300 Best Homemade Candy Recipes. And, due to my need of preciseness [<---is that even a word? lol.], this book delivers! It's described as "The step-by-step candy bible for beginners and accomplished candy-makers alike."

One thing I really like is that it includes Basic Things to Know, The Science of Candy Making, Skill Levels: What Do They Mean?,Stages of Sugar, etc.

Of course I fall into the Novice, Super Simple skill level! Each recipe in the book is categorized according to skill level which makes choosing a recipe less overwhelming for me. Another thing I absolutely LOVE is that the author included a page of her "Top 40," and she also categorized each recipe title into a skill level category. Awesome for someone with a skill level as novice as mine.

I decided to be brave and go off grid from the "Top 40" AND to choose a "novice, easy" recipe which is a *tad* above my skill level. It looked simple enough for me.

2 1/2 years post-wedding, and this is first time I've used my china;) 
Triple Delight Marshmallow Squares
Remember! I'm no foodie blogger who has amazing food photography skills. I'm sure they could make it look much prettier!

This recipe was great because it contained only 4 ingredients and required minimal skill level which is perfect for a novice at a super simple level like me! 

This dessert took very little time and was very easy to make! Not to mention, it is yummy:)))

I would recommend this book for novices starting out as it has recipes that are simple and easy enough for us;)

Book Info: 
300 Best Homemade Candy Recipes
Jane Sharrock
Robert Rose, Inc.  

**Disclaimer: I received this book from Robert Rose publishing for review. I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

This looks so fun! I have a small collection of cookbooks (sadly all of mine are in storage now) and am always looking for new ones to add.


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