Tuesday, August 19, 2014

and after the party is the AFTER PAAAAAAAAAAARTY!

Were you just singing that Lee Brice song in your head???? It's a parking lot party... Well, actually, it was more of an internet party. 

Lilly Pulitzer renamed their infamous Endless Summer Sale [ESS] you know the Oh, Shift! I broke the internet party! to the After Party Sale. 

I was logged in and ready to go anticpating the inevitable site crash and ridiculous comments, albeit great reading commentary for laughs, on their facebook page. HOWEVER, their IT department needs a raise. The sale went off without a hitch! It didn't crash, no apache tomcat messages, no "Oh, Shift! We broke the internet!" messages, no site down, etc. I only had around 2 or 3 minutes where it wouldn't let me check out and one of my orders kind of messed up, but other than that, it was smooth sailing at this After Party. 

Still saving for IVF stuff and working on being "fiscally" responsible such as knocking out those credit cards [down to 1 btw! *pats back*], so I didn't go too crazy like in years' past. But I didn't set myself a budget, stuck to it, and I got some AH-mazing deals. Thought I'd share. #1 because who doesn't like to look at pretty clothes and #2 I go back and read my posts for nostalgic reasons;)

Here ya go: 
She She Shells Janice dress

She She Shells murfee

In a Knot necklace

Shoreline tote in Pop

Both of these Popovers

Delia in Pink Lemonade
[ended up getting from Saks for $2 more b/c sold out on LP]

murfee in Iris Blue Mai Tai
[this is a maybe. i placed two orders during the checkout glitch and i got two confirmations. however, this scarf and another order have the same order #. scarf isn't showing up, so i've talked and sent email to LP to figure out if A) they can still send it to me or B) substitute for another murfee]

Now, I can't wait for the New Year Cheer Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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