Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux --The Shampoo : Review

About a month ago, I was sent Jose Eber's new Beaute Cheveux The Shampoo for review. I've been using a sulfate free shampoo, Living Proof, since Christmas.  I think what sold me on trying this product the fact that it's sulfate free, dispensed via aerosol cans--which contain the most advance dispensing technology, preventing oxidation and insuring that the precise amount of product is distributed without waste, and this information below.

The Shampoo comes in the form of a mousse. FYI, since this is sulfate free, it's doesn't have that "lathering" effect some of you like. I've gotten use to the lack of lather since I've been using LP; however, for some, I know that's a deal breaker. 
I do like the shampoo because it's light and airy. It has a nice scent. The description via the information I was sent can say it way better than I can. "The French-inspired Quince fragrance includes top notes of quince, citrus, and lush apples, complemented by middle notes of green leaves and Neroli de Provence." It's not a perfume-y, medicine-y, or overpowering scent. It's just really clean and nice:)
I do have fine, thin hair and was able to use this w/o conditioner. However, I do want to disclose that I always spray Damage Control by Aveda on my hair before combing, so that might make all the difference. 
All in all, I was pleased with The Shampoo. I think it is very comparable to the Living Proof I am using. Living Proof comes in an 8 oz. bottle at a price point of $24. The Shampoo comes in an 8.3 oz can at a price point of $17.50. Honestly, I can't really tell a difference as far as my hair quality between the use of the two. 
**I was sent The Shampoo for review. I received no financial compensation
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