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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fave Baby Things so far...

So these are a few of my favorite things for baby CG right now.

Love the wubbanub.
This thing is a life saver! Having the lil' lamb gives it some weight so the paci doesn't just fall down in the crevices. Sometimes, she can even maneuver it back in her mouth due to the lamb not letting it "fall."

Gas drops.
These have been a LIFESAVER!!!!

A blog friend of mine introduced me to Lollies and Lace Boutique. I've ordered almost all of Caroline Grace's bows from here. I really like the quality, and the owner is super quick to respond to any questions. I've been really pleased:) The bigger the bow, the closer to God, right? ;)

Stylish Pacifier Clips
I may or may not have all the girl pacifier clips by The Beaufort Bonnet Company ;) The pink and lavender seersucker is embroidered with CG's monogram. I think they are so pretty to pair with her cute outfits when we are out and about. I have MAM clips which I really like for play clothes. 

If you're not a member of the facebook group Smocking Hot Mamas, you definitely should be. I've been able to pick up CG some very cute things either nwt or euc. This group has like 40K members, so things are posted all the time! Just know they run a tight ship a SHM, so make sure once you're a member that you pay close attention to the rules:)

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby Stuff I wish I knew About...

These are 3 things I wish I had known about before I had Caroline!

1. Lucy Darling Shop
I wish I had know about her shop earlier. While I like my monthly stickers, I really would have liked to order the ones to match the Little Artist's Baby Book. I have a baby book by Carter's but the nurses got ink on the cover when stamping babe's hands and feet, andddddd I just happen to like this one better. So, I'll be ordering this one soon.

2. Vive la Fete!!!!!!!!!!! This shop has cute little smocked outfits and COLLEGIATE wear. I would have ordered this cute little number for newborn pictures. But, since I didn't know, I'm going to order her the bubble for the fall for football season:) #WDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Jennifer Ann Style's blankets and onesies. I mean come on how cute is this blanket, and it even says Caroline. :) I definitely would have ordered these for her take home outfit! Right now, JAS's having a sale good through Sunday for 15% off. It's her last sale of the year. Use code 

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Hospital Bag for Mom to Be

So, this is my hospital toiletries bag. Yeah... I only used my face wash and the balm chicky balm balm lip balm. So, here's what I used for the 4 nights I was in the hospital.


1. definitely face wash [makeup wipes if you use those], lotion, and chap stick
 **definitely do NOT forget chap stick. i read about lips getting chapped during labor, and it is so  
    true! i really like my balm chicky balm balm!

2. your baby book for hand/feet stamping

3. a loose pair of pajamas. i bought these because they were comfy, dark [in case you bleed on them], and something nice for when we had visitors. because when you have a baby, people ARE going to come see your little one:) Also, you might want to pack a take home pair of pjs. Make sure they are LOOSE. or make sure you pack some maternity pants to go home in.
4. nursing bras--i didn't end up using these, but they might come in handy if your milk comes in early. 
**make sure to pack a few nursing pads to go in the bra, just in case. i packed the samples i had 
    received from my welcome bags from various places

5. a boppy pillow--i didn't use one b/c i had my c-section, but i use it every day now at home. so, if you don't have to worry about that, it might come in handy for feeding:)

6. flip flops for the shower 

7. see if a restaurant delivers. saved my hubs. he didn't want to eat hospital food and Jimmy John's delivered straight to our hospital floor. 

8. pillow--i wish i would have packed my own pillow, but i forgot. 

9. phone charger and camera!

**take whatever the nurse will give you. we brought home extra mesh undies [loved these the first few days at home], pads, and the compression binder i wore in the hospital. 


1. pack a few outfits just in case. originally i'd only packed a couple of outfits but am glad i packed like 4 since i ended up in the hospital for 3 days. plus, if your hospital is like ours, they have a photographer come out and do a little photo shoot. plus, you'll want to post pics on social media so make sure you have your outfits so your little one can look cute when you introduce him/her to the world:) Also, make sure you bring any accessories such a hat, bow, receiving blankets, etc. the hat they put on her didn't really fit her head. so i'm really glad i had brought my infanteenie beenie with me. it was really cute, and i was very pleased with my purchase. i bought the flower beenie below. SO SO cute!!! also, i was glad i brought my own receiving blankets because they used one as a backdrop for the photo. Use promo code THANKS for 20% off. 

2. my hospital provided everything else such as diapers, wipes, pacis, etc. Literally, we only needed to bring the outfits. Not to mention, my hospital provided burp cloths and these little plain white kimono tops. 

3. another thing you might now think of but probably need to pack is mittens. baby caroline grace came out with some sharp little raptor claws. so having the mittens kept her from scratching herself AND me. 

4. socks. if you aren't bringing footies/sleepers for babe to wear, make sure you bring socks so his/her little feet don't get cold. 

This is just my experience:) 

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