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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fave Baby Things so far...

So these are a few of my favorite things for baby CG right now.

Love the wubbanub.
This thing is a life saver! Having the lil' lamb gives it some weight so the paci doesn't just fall down in the crevices. Sometimes, she can even maneuver it back in her mouth due to the lamb not letting it "fall."

Gas drops.
These have been a LIFESAVER!!!!

A blog friend of mine introduced me to Lollies and Lace Boutique. I've ordered almost all of Caroline Grace's bows from here. I really like the quality, and the owner is super quick to respond to any questions. I've been really pleased:) The bigger the bow, the closer to God, right? ;)

Stylish Pacifier Clips
I may or may not have all the girl pacifier clips by The Beaufort Bonnet Company ;) The pink and lavender seersucker is embroidered with CG's monogram. I think they are so pretty to pair with her cute outfits when we are out and about. I have MAM clips which I really like for play clothes. 

If you're not a member of the facebook group Smocking Hot Mamas, you definitely should be. I've been able to pick up CG some very cute things either nwt or euc. This group has like 40K members, so things are posted all the time! Just know they run a tight ship a SHM, so make sure once you're a member that you pay close attention to the rules:)

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Aubrey said...

You and my friend Megan are similar mommies in terms of style! Lilly P, monograms, Beaufort Bonnet Co. Check out her FB page for monongramming!

Jude said...

Really nice blog layout. I just love it! I wish I could do the same and


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