Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5:00 is for the birds....

So, we had a meeting this morning at work. I had a feeling it might not be good. Well, it was the usual let's reiterate what's expected of us. Our President is really nice. He just talked about being on time, the economy, keep our work area tidy, and then boom he reminded everyone that our work hours are from 8-5. When I started, the girls in my department worked from 8-4:30. We take half hour lunches. ICK! Now, I have to take an hour lunch. Getting off at 4:30 enables me to eat and run a few errands before having to go to my second job at 5:30 on Monday and Tuesdays. I guess not anymore. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:(
On another note, LC is so sweet. He called me as soon as he got up to make sure I was up to ensure I'd be on time this morning. He, also, messaged me about 30 minutes later to remind me that it was raining, and I had better leave then. Awwwww, he really is great, and he makes me smile everyday:)

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