Tuesday, October 21, 2008


so I went out of town with LC this weekend. We went up about an hour and a half outside Memphis to some property that his friend's family owns. His friend and his wife and another married couple were there as well. We rode 4wheelers, sat around a campfire and made smores, shot guns, and went on a hike. Yes, it's true, I shot a shotgun AND a pistol. However, I almost killed everyone during the learning process. I shot the shotgun for my first time and came inches within hitting the clay disc tossed for me. Pretty good aim for a first timer:) However, LC was busy talking with his friends and no one was paying attention to me. The gun was starting to become really heavy and I kept trying to get LCs attention and well, I just kinda turned the gun around. LC freaked out...understandably of course. However, it was turn the gun around or just drop it. I didn't know it had another shell in it. He should have stayed right next to me for instructional purposes. We both learned something that day. Then, we went on hike early Sunday morning. We saw deer prancing through the forest which was very cute! Then, back to the real world, considering I was hosting a dinner at my humble abode for a few friends. Baked Ziti, salad, and homemade cheesecake was the menu with a glass of wine thrown in of course!!!! Ha! No, I didn't cook it; are you kidding me! One of my best friends came over and LC assisted her in the kitchen. One of these days I'm going to learn how, just not today:)

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