Wednesday, October 15, 2008

one hour lunch...

So, I've already said that I now have to take one hour lunches. I find by taking one hour lunches I eat MORE and spend MORE. I find the time to stop and grab that sweet or peruse a few stores. Before, I barely had time to microwave my food and eat while watching Bold and the Beautiful. Yes, people when I started, the girl who trained me asked me if I watched soap operas. Of course, I replied no explaining you lose brain cells. She told me to just wait, and I would get sucked in like everyone else. She was right. I am completely enthralled by it. I, especially, want Taylor and Ridge to get back together. She is way hotter and better than trampy Brooke!!!! I finally mailed one of my best friend from undergrad's baby gift. It is about 2 month late considering Ellasyn is about 2 months old now. I mean seriously you unmarried and childless parents know what I'm saying. It just has taken awhile. argh! Anyways, I attempted to give LC a back massage b/c he was sore after his softball game. One word: FAIL! I'm not very good at that, and he's good at everything:(

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