Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Early Turkey Day:)

So, I'm stuck in the office with no vacay days left:( It didn't even take me that long to get to work. The interstate was clear due to everyone else being off today. I'm going with LC to his family lunch tomorrow. I am very nervous. Thank goodness they're Catholic, hopefully the booze will just keep rolling on it. I am kind of shy in those situations and need a little pick-me-up to get me talking. Ha! I asked LC to come to my fam. He's a little ahead since he's met them once already. However, my parents won't be there. My mum is not on speaking terms with her sisters which makes for a sad holiday:( Anyways, it will be nice to have a day off! Although, I will have to work on Friday and miss all the shopping fun. Hope everyone picks up everything they want on Friday without the "mean, grumpy" shoppers out there. Tonight is the biggest night of the year to go out. I can't get too crazy; because, I'd like to attend Mass in the morning. Notice I said "I'd like to" not a definite plan;)

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