Tuesday, November 25, 2008


First and foremost they finally figured out what was wrong with me. When I took my results into my OBGYN he said the cyst my regular doctor found was too small and thought I had a kidney stone. OUCH! He ordered me to come back a couple of days later last week for a kidney ultrasound. Later on that night, after the ultrasound, I came down in excruciating pain AGAIN. I awoke Friday morning and got up to get ready for my first day back at work and doubled over in pain:( I went ahead and saw an urologist who wasn't convinced it was kidney related. Since, he was the 3rd doctor I've seen, he ordered a CT Scan. Yay, now I get to shell out 800$ after it's all said and done to what: to figure out that the only thing wrong with me was an ovarian cyst that had burst[not life-threatening] that the first doctor diagnosed in the FIRST PLACE. Sorry, I'm a tad irritated, but all in all, I FEEL BETTER. YAY!!!

Enough of the whining, the first part of my vacation was pretty relaxing. LC and I headed to Atlanta to visit some friends of his. We had a lowkey evening arriving in the evening time. We went to this swanky Mexican restaurant called Pure. Quite fun for a low key evening. I was tired and not feeling well and retired soon after coming home. Saturday, we just watched some football and ate at a place called The Union in the suburb Alpharetta which was fantastic. It has a 70s theme. Sunday, we left to come home which to no avail, I came down with a bladder infection. Stopping every 15 minutes for the first couple of hours til OTC medicine kicked in was not amusing for LC. However, he took it all in stride and was very supportive. I have a good one, yes, I know. Then, last week was full of doctor's appointments. That concludes my vacay. This past weekend was full of painkillers and half remembered stories due to painkillers. Ha! I'm now back to work and in the swing of things as of yesterday. Pain is much better and should be gone completely in no longer than 2 weeks according to the nurse!!!!!

Oh and how about Memphis' embarrassing loss to Xavier. Come on Tigers, we're aiming for the #1 slot this year, and we can make it!!!!

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