Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vacay Holiday. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

I start my vacation tomorrow. I love nothing better than going on "holiday" as the foreigners call it. Ha! We were going to go down to LC's Alma Mater for the big game this weekend, but the big game ain't a "big" game anymore. LC's team has lost so bad this year that they might as well find a new coach. Heck, Tennessee got rid of Fulmer, I think they need a new boost in their program. So, with that all being said, we decided to road trip it to Atlanta this weekend to visit some of LC's friends. Hopefully, it will be fun. I'm sure it will.

You would think I would not be excited about my doctor's appointment on Monday, but believe me, I am. I am an active person and haven't been since I cut my foot about 3mos. ago. However, I am dying to work out and can't because of this stupid pain in my lower abdomen. boo! I want it out, and it's better to be safe than sorry!!!!

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