Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Help....

If you are just stopping by feel free to leave a comment to answer my question if you know the answer. Obviously if you've read my profile, then you know that I am in the banking business. What you might not know is that I am one step away from a getting my Master's in education. That step is my thesis. I just received my teaching license in the mail the other day. I might teach when I get married, if I ever get married. Who knows at the rate I'm going at. LOL:) Well I finished all my coursework in May. I just received an email yesterday saying since I was no longer enrolled they were going to cancel my school email. This is the email that I login with. I tried yesterday to add an additional email which is my gmail account and it said I couldn't use it. If you know the solution to my problem, please leave a comment. I don't want to lose my blog. I'd appreciate the help!!!!

On another note, LC does not want to go out for NYE. He says he's never spent one at home. Well Love, you're not gonna get to spend one at home this year either I hate to tell ya! I really wanted this BCBG dress for NYE-I LOVE IT and it fits great. However, I just can't justify spending that much when I still have Xmas presents to buy and did not plan ahead this year. Picture this dress in black. I rarely ever wear red!

With that being said, I have a black dress from Express that I got last fall. It's black, strapless with an empire waist, and a sweetheart neckline. I really didn't want to wear a dress I already had and had pics of up on Facebook. So, I remembered that the dress also came in silver last year and would be a good party dress. I did a little research and found the dress on Ebay. I'm hoping I win it b/c I'd like to wear this dress for NYE and the most it will cost me is 50$. That's a lot better than 200$ which the BCBG dress costs.

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The Pink Tutu said...

I love this dress! I have it and wore it to my office Christmas party last year. It is so fabulous and fun!


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