Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

Let's see..
Friday, LC and I went out with Doer and her boyfriend to eat at Happy Mexican. My fave Mexican restaurant:) As I was getting ready Friday night, the cream the dermo gave me for the sun damage on my face dries my skin out in the places I use it. I was exfoliating before dinner and accidentally scrubbed too hard. It took off some of the skin above my lip. By Saturday morning, it had scabbed over, and LC decided to call me Cindy Crawford all weekend. Needless to say, I will not be attending the Xmas soiree at Earnestine's tomorrow night. I cannot be photographed like this. Hopefully, it will be better by Wednesday night b/c my work Xmas party is that night. Sheesh!

On another note, Saturday we helped LC's family make homemade raviolis for Xmas. I know you're wondering why would we do that 2 weeks prior. Well, that's because we needed to make 600 raviolis. Yes, it took all day and I was very tired after that. But, we did eat some for dinner, and they were scrumptious!!!!!

Yesterday, we just did some Christmas shopping and cleaned my apartment. I am excited b/c I won the dress I'd been eyeing on Ebay for NYE:)

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