Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I was very upset about the "CANCELLATION" of my order this morning. My daddy's fam is redneck. It's okay; I deal with it. Well, I ordered an appetizer tray from Wal*Mart for my Xmas dinner tmro(yes ick I know, but it's right by my work and my time is limited today).
I ordered it at 5pm yesterday and requested it be ready by noon today. As I was about to leave out the door for work this morning, the phone rang. It was a weird number so I answered it. It was the deli calling to inform me on CHRISTMAS EVE that they would not be able to make my tray. I was furious since who in the heck would take a last minute order at 8am and make it by noon that is relatively close by my work. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not the only one with this complaints about WallyWorld, and I think this post by Lipstick in the Mailbox sums up my opinion of Wal*Mart. I didn't know what I was going to do. Then, LC offers to make Rotel dip with meat in it for my red people. He has the whole day off and still will venture out for me:) I think the best present I got for Christmas was that God brought LC into my life this year. If that was the only present I received this year, that would be just fine with me;)

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