Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yay only one more day til the holidays start. Xmas Eve is tomorrow!!!!! So, I made these pinwheels last night and they didn't come out so well. They tasted nothing like the pinwheels that you get from the grocery deli:( I wish I had the recipe for grocery deli pinwheels.

Anyways, I have been slacking about picking up LC's mother's present. I am getting her Clay Station Voignier wine. However, I got on Clay Station's website, and only 3 places in this city carry it. One only carries a red, the other's phone number isn't even listed, and the last one called was a lifesaver. The gentleman has 6 bottles left, and they have been CLEARANCED. So, right now they're 7.99. He's holding 3 for me til I get off. Wonderful, LC's Mom gets 3 instead of just one....perfect:)
Speaking of Xmas, I am getting nervous about my Xmas dinner. Now I have to order pinwheels b/c mine didn't come out so hot. So, I mean all I have left is to cook some veggies since my parents are getting a glazed ham. One can't mess up veggies, right? Well, I'll probably be that girl. This will also be the first Christmas Mass I attend. I was really looking forward to going to my church downtown b/c it is SO beautiful, but we're going with LCs family. That's okay though. I'm happy as long as I'm with LC.
Then, there's NYE to think about. My dress still hasn't gotten here yet, but hey, that's still a week away. My besties and I were talking about doing The Peabody. I haven't done that since I was in undergrad; however, they are having Lord T & Eloise play. That usually brings in a crowd around my age. Could be fun:)

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Lilly P. Wannabe said...

The Peabody Party is always a hit! I haven't been to it in the last 3 years, but I think we're planning on going. Lord T and Eloise always put on a good show.


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