Tuesday, December 30, 2008


How annoyed am I today? Very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have read tutorials on Ebay about things being fake and what not. I never order anything from China, Singapore, anything that is located "Worldwide". I was very excited about this silver Express dress b/c last year I purchased the same dress FROM EXPRESS. I thought the silver one would be a great NYE dress considering Mother Nature is visiting me. I thought since it was located in L.A. that it would be okay. Nope, not so much. I knew it before I even tried it due to the name on the box. I am not racist but it is common fact that these people fake everything from obviously Express dresses to freaking shoes. The stuff probably came from some sweatshop over there and little kids probably made my dress. I am upset at just that fact that the possibility is that my dress came from the hands of a small child and that bothers me:( Although, who knows where it came from. I know I know you are wondering how can I make such presumptions on a dress not knowing if it's really fake. Yes, I do know. I bought the same exact dress in black from the actual store. The tag not the label but tag's numbers and barcode looked faded like they had been scanned. I know you're thinking yeah that could happen at the factory where the dress is made. There was a slight tear at the top of the bust right at the beginning of the zebra fabric and runs along under the fabric as well. When I examined the seam under the zebra piece of fabric I noticed how poorly stitched the dress was and immediately grabbed my black one for comparison. OMG, it was NO comparison. The black one was well stitched, and I know this b/c it endured me tugging at it time and time again throughout the duration of one evening. The silver dress had another hole when I examined down the seam b/c it was so badly made. I am very upset and contacted the seller telling them that before I leave negative feedback that my dress in not authentic and would like this situation corrected. WHAT THAT MEANS IS THAT I WANT A REFUND. I'm very upset b/c it's the day before NYE and what am I going to wear:( I drug the black one out of the closet since I've only worn it once and took it to the cleaners. I always get a new dress for this occasion and am not keen on wearing a dress I've already worn, but I'll get over it I guess:(

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Belle said...

I had that happen to me once. I bought and abercrombie hoodie for my little sister and it came and was completely fake. I didnt get my money back though, so now I am very careful when I buy.


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