Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blog Under Construction

Can anyone see the new template I put on my blog??? I can't see it at work due to it being from Photobucket and am afraid it might not be working at all. All I see is a dull, boring, blah white background. Omg, I stopped by to read Monogram and Manicures today and she has the cutest new Lilly tunics posted. I so want the zebra one. Too cute:) The Grizz game last night=NOT FUN. Not only did the Grizzlies lose to Timberwolves AKA the worst team in the NBA, I had an EXTRA clumsy night. In case, I've never mentioned this before, I am clumsy. LC's brother and the brother's GF picked us up for the game. GF was talking about how she wants new car and is going to trade the present car in. We get to the FedEx forum and park. As I'm attempting to get out of the car, I accidentally knock a soda out of LCs hand. It spills all over the both of us and her khaki colored seats. Geez, why couldn't they be black or something.

No, this is not all. I was not in the greatest mood after that, but am grateful the soda did not spill on my blue and white striped Vineyard Vines oxford button down. Then, I would have been REAL mad. I am over it, and we proceed to have fun chatting and laughing in our box. I was ever more happy that we sat in the boxes closest to courtside versus the boxes a level up. As we were talking, clumsy Belle reemerges. Even though I protested, LC bought me a big draft beer anyways. He doesn't understand beer packs on the pounds. Ha. I try to drink it to pacify him. Not too long after receiving this cold beverage, I go to put it on the ledge. Instead of landing on the ledge, it hits the ledge, bounces back, spills all over the floor, and in my red BCBG flats:(

The rain has stopped, but it's still cold here in Memphis. I am ready for some warm, sunny weather!

It's like this here:

I wish I was here:

Also, for all you Lilly Pulitzer lovers out there, there is a cute boutique here in my home town called The Pink Door that has some great Lilly stuff on sale.


Mojito Maven said...

Hi!! thanks for contacting me!!

WW is NOT about selling you food (in fact I do not eat a single WW food). It is about nutrition and portion control so if you need help with that then WW is great. however, you are very small already so you may benefit more from simply working out and eating healthier. yes, WW will teach you how to eat healthy and lose fat, but because you are already so small it may take you months before you see any weight loss (which is ok since the slower you lose it the longer you will keep it off).

hope that helps!

Emily said...

Cool blog!

There is a new French Riviera Spa that is opening this week on Union, near Cooper. We joined a few months ago when they were having awesome specials ($20 a month for life). I'm sure they are still having specials now though. We went this weekend to tour it, before they had their final inspection. It's still unfinished (the locker rooms still needed some tiling, the aerobics room hadn't been painted..) But the cardio and weight areas were done and were awesome. Tons of equipment, it's on the 2nd floor with a solid wall of windows so when you are on a machine you'll be overlooking Union (not like it's that pretty, but it's still a sunny view).

We've been going to the one at Poplar/Highland the last couple months, which is huge. They have a movie theater inside of it, for example :) It's nice, but TOO big for me. A great option though, and close, if you joined at Union but got tired of going there. Membership is good at any French Riviera in the country.

Jennifer said...

I have been known to be a klutz on occasion too. It always seems to happen in the best clothing :( Yes, St. Patricks Day is HUGE in Savannah. We have bands from NYC come just to be in the parade. You can't imagine how huge it is until you come down here and partake in the festivities. Let's just say my university in Savannah always gives us St. Patricks Day off because of how huge it is. It's like a weekend long celebration where everyone parties a ton. You should come down here and see it.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Happy to discover another southern belle out there!

Natalie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love local support!

And this weather really needs to change.. SOON. If it's going to be cold, it should snow. Otherwise, Spring needs to hurry up!

And that Dollar Tree on my blog is just some picture I stole off google. My favorite DT, the one in college, is at Poplar & Highland. Now, I'm forced to shop at the one in Bartlett or near the mall. It's just not the same.


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