Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Letter Game

The Letter Game!

Diary of a Southern Belle was gracious and gave me the letter "A" so that I could play! Go by her blog, she's great:) If you'd like to play, just leave a comment, and I'll give you a letter!!!

1. Archaeologist- When I was little, I wanted to be the female version of Indiana Jones. No joke

2. Angel Violet and Alien by Theirry Mugler are two of my favorite perfumes!

3. "At Last" is the first song I want to dance to with my husband whomever that might be whenever I might get married. Ha!

4. Art History was the double major I declared in Undergrad. I did not finish it; however, I plan to go back and do that eventually. I love ART. I may or may not have these displayed in my house:)

5. Athlete- I was a high school athlete. I played basketball and volleyball. I was in the starting lineup for both from middle school all the way through high school.

6. Anna Karenina is my favorite book.

7. Arachnophobia- from Greek arachne (αράχνη), "spider" and phobia (φοβία), "fear" ) is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of spiders and other arachnids. I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!

8. Artichokes- One of my favorite appetizers to order at restaurants is Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

9. Aveda- I use Aveda Hair products. I go to an Aveda Salon to get my hair done too!

10. Anonymous- None of my family or friends know about my blog.

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe you wanted to be an archeologist! All of my childhood, I said I wanted to be one as well!


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