Monday, February 23, 2009

How was your weekend???

I received this comment on the post about my giveaway.
"Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I also won this very trip a few years back and it's in no way 'free', we paid almost $500 taking taxi's around town, food, drinks, extra fees, etc. It was a fun and memorable trip, but it wasn't free."
I don't know if this wasn't very clear in the post or not. I would think that everyone understands that this trip is like most trips that are won. You will have to pay for your own food unless you pay for the additional all inclusive, and you will have to pay for taxis to get around if you are not going somewhere within walking distance. And, you will have to pay for drinks. The hotel room and the cruise over are free. I figured that was just common understood knowledge; however, I just wanted to make sure that everyone realizes that in case you didn't. Like I said before, I won this; so, it's probably not some fancy schmancy trip. That comment hurt my feelings a tad. I guess to me it insinuated I wasn't being honest. But like with anything put on paper, text message, email, blogging, etc., I may have taken the comment out of context. Just thought if someone had the extra cash for airflight, lived near Ft. Lauderdale, and just wanted to get away that they might like this since I can't.

As far as the big question, it hasn't come up again. LC is just looking but not seriously right now. So, I'm not worried about it and will deal with it when the time comes. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments and words of wisdom about that!!!!

We went to the Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras party downtown this past weekend. It was fun. Crowded but fun. Hey, it goes to a good cause so in the end it's worth it. However, the Cadre building has concrete floors. With people dancing, bumping into each other, and just being clumsy, there was a lot of alcohol on the ground making the floor very slick. A girl I know got hurt kinda bad from a fall. Not good. I wish that event planners would take this into consideration when planning such events.

I bought two new Lilly dresses this past weekend. I got this one
And I got another Gwyneth in pink/white stripes! I can't wait for Spring to get here.

If any of you followed the Noura Jackson case, she got second degree murder. I definitely think she did it or knew who did it. However, the state presented no evidence linking her to the crime other than some silly outline of the evening they concluded to and the testimony of a bunch of druggie kids recalling a weekend from 3 years ago. I just don't see how they got that verdict from such little evidence. That's JMO though.

Hope all of y'all had a great weekend! I did!!! Today is my and LC's 6 month anniversary=)


Whitney said...

Love the dress! Also, I would not worry about what anyone has to say about the trip. A trip is a trip - so fun! But there are always extra expenses and anyone with a brain would know that!

Whitney said...

Oh, and I think the Noura Jackson case is gonna end up being a story on Dateline in a little while - it just reminds me of that!!

Medicated and Motivated said...

Love that dress!

Jennifer said...

Love that dress! You are going to look too cute in that! I can't wait for Spring so that I can wear my Lilly and sandals! Don't worry about the trip comment either. I am going on a cruise this May and I keep having little fees adding up like, gratuities and paying for a passport. Anyone who has ever been on a trip would know that you always end up spending more than what you think.

LWLH said...

Cute dress...It's kinda common knowledge that we would pay the additional fees of where we wanted to go, drink, or do...I dont expect you to pay for a souvenir for my mom..but *fingers crossed*...can't wait to hear who wins!!

Emily said...

a few things...

1. congrats on the anniversary!! 6 mos is a big milestone!! half way to a year. that's so exciting!! :]

2. the dress is adorable and i completely agree, i can't wait for spring to get here. i'm sick of all this cold weather. blah.

3. don't let that one girl's comment get you down. in essence, i don't think she was "raining on anyone's parade" but more like just stating the obvious. i mean, we're not stupid here. we know that cruises entail much more costs than just the boat ride itself and we are all still excited at the chance to win it as is. try not to let that one comment get to you. i think i speak for a lot of people when i say that your giveaway was clearly explained and more than that, is an excellent opportunity! thanks again for the chance to win such a great prize!

hope you have a great week!! :]

Meg said...

hey! make sure you enter my giveaway!

Stephanie said...


I think that having to pay some money is common sense. I mean to think that you can go and do anything and not spend anything is a bit unrealistic. Don't let that person get to you.

I like that dress, very cute!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh that Lilly dress is GREAT! And totally don't feel bad because someone was being grumpy - you are doing a very gracious thing by giving this trip away to someone who will surely enjoy it very very much!

AmyT said...

I don't understand people sometimes :-( at any the cute!!!!!

CAC muffin said...

i don't know why people think its ok to leave rud comments! If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all! You've been crystal clear! Don't worry about it!


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