Thursday, February 5, 2009

PINK Swap.....

Thank you Hopsy for such a great swap. I so enjoyed my FIRST swap:) This is what I got my swap partner: A martini glass with a pink stem, cupcake and pink frosting spatulas, toile/polka dot votive holder, 2 magnetic notepads-I even got them for myself as well, a pink and green dishtowel, cocktail scrapbook stickers, set of thank you cards-the girl is holding her hand out with a diamond on it!, a magnetic photo frame that says laughter, pink tongs, a set of sprinkles for cupcakes/cookies, a cute pink/black toile frame

This is my swap package. It came in the pink pail wrapped in pink celophane. My partner bought things then attached the letter P-I-N-K to certain items. She got me the cute flower saucers which I actually debated on purchasing for her LOL, pink ink and a heart stamp, pink butterfly cocktail napkins, pink dishtowels, pink/red heart measuring cups and teaspoons, the same spatulas I bought her-two great minds think alike, and Queen Victoria got some pink heart dog treats as well.

If you're reading this Nancy, I ABSOLUTELY loved my package:)

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Two Little Lambs said...

Love your pug! I have 2 of them myself. So cute....


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