Monday, April 27, 2009

Did ya miss me?

Sorry, I just got to thinking that I hadn't blogged since some time last week. Geez, I've been so busy I didn't even realize it! I promise to catch up on y'alls blogs today=) I was swamped at work last week, worked on my family tree (yes, I'm a nerd. We've established this many many times), and this weekend we had friends in town as well.
I have been working on my family tree on, and it's pretty addictive. I don't come from a family, either side, that knows it's lineage such as hey my great great grandparents came over on the boat or hey I'm Scottish or I'm Italian. So, I've been working on it alot. I've gotten stuck on my Daddy's great grandfather. Geez, the records people kept up until the latter part of the 19th century is awful. People couldn't spell names correctly on the censuses I've encountered. For example, searching for my great great Grandfather has been next to impossible. The first record I found of him was under the name Fayette. I talked to my Great Aunt who is seriously like 80 or more, and I was asking her about him. She was like "Fayette I don't know about that, maybe. We always called him Fate [insert long vowel a sound like Faaaaaaaate here]. That could be his real name I guess." I mean really. My family is from the bottom of Arkansas near the Louisiana border. I mean you are talking rur-al. They are the epitome of Southern. Then I found another record that has his name as LaFayette and another listed as E.L. So, I asked her did she possibly know if her Grandfather's first name started with an E. She had no idea. It's been time consuming but fun. And, yes I'm Scottish, French, and Irish so far.... What's weird is that I have a dark complexion. Where that comes from is what I'm really trying to figure out. Ha!
This past weekend, LC's best friend from law school and his wife were in town. We went out to eat on Friday at Rendevous and had drinks at Silky O' Sullivans afterwards. I have to tell y'all about the conversation the wife had with me that night. And yes ladies, it involves a ring=)

That's another post in and of itself. Til tomorrow darlings......


Jennifer said...

Don't leave me waiting until tomorrow! I need to know about that convo now!!! Glad you had a great weekend. Thomas and I love to find family history. He told me he has run into the same problem when he goes into the greats.

Sparkle Sparkle said...

i am a big genealogy dork so i know what that search can be like. never used (my dad's aunt was a professional genealogist so not too much work left for me on that side) but i know the mormon church has the best records in the country. not sure if that service gives you access to that or not. good luck!

Learning As I Go said...

sounds like you have been real busy. Thanks for the tips on looking up my history.


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