Friday, April 3, 2009

I need some Ebay advice...PLEASE HELP

Okay, so I sold the DY bracelet last Saturday. I sent the invoice that day as well. I did not specify how long I would wait for the payment and did not specify that you had to have a certain number of feedback in order to be able to bid. I figured that I would give someone a chance; because, I, too, had no feedback when I first started. Well, as of last night, the winner still had not contacted me regarding payment. I sent her/him a message asking when could I expect to receive payment. I know it says to give them 1-2 business days to respond. If I don't hear anything back by then, it will have been a week. I need advice on how to proceed from there...
Also, any good advice on selling things on Ebay in general. I'm a good buyer and a little naive too, I guess. I just assumed that others are honest like me. If for some reason, I will be a little late on my payment, I ALWAYS notify the seller and work something out. Not usual for me, but hey sometimes it happens.


Mandy said...

After 1 week you can file a non paying bidder report on them, which I've had to do before. Also, if you do that and they still don't pay, leave them negative feedback saying it's a nonpaying bidder. I've done that before too, lol.

Also, ONLY go through paypal. There are a TON of scammers out there with checks and money orders, I had someone send me a 3,000 dollar check for a 75 dollar book and tell me to western union the rest of the money back to them. SCAM! So just be cautious, and I would recommend stating in your description that the bidders must have some feedback, and that you only do paypal. I usually state that the payment must be received within 48 hours after the listing ends. Otherwise it can be too much of a hassle. Hope that helps!

Me in Memphis said...

Actually you can't leave them negative feedback anymore. Ebay changed that about a year ago.

I had this happen twice last month. After 10 days, you can file a non-paying bidder report, and then in another 10 days you can file to have your listing fee refunded to you. (Something like that, I can't remember the exact time frames.) It takes a while to go thru the process. Ebay loves it's buyers but gives it's sellers a hard time.

Defintely give clear rules on everything on your auctions, about how to pay, time frames, returns, shipping, etc. And always use Paypal, never let anyone pay with anything else.

I used to sell on ebay nonstop, but it's gotten to be such a headache in the last year or so, because they really screw the sellers over anymore.

Me in Memphis said...

Hey again :) They charge you a listing fee based on the starting price of the auction, the length of time listed (if not the regular 7 days), if it has a reserve price, buy it now, extra pics, bold headline, etc. That is charged immediately to you, but you get billed once a month by Ebay.

It's separate from the fee that Paypal takes when someone pays for your item, that comes out of the price they paid. Like, if they paid $20, you'd only get $19 of it, something like that.

Petunia said...

Go here for instructions on how to proceed. Definitely file an upaid item report as soon as they let you (7 days), Ebay will refund your fees and you can relist the item. Good luck!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I've never sold on Ebay but I buy all the time. I always pay right when I win an iten though. I guess that's not helpful. Good luck!!

TexanCouture said...

That is nice to give someone a chance, I have never E-bayed so I would be a newbie with no feedback. And never E-baying I would also not know what to tell you. Good luck with your sale and I hope it works out for you!


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