Friday, April 3, 2009

Questions Answered...

Jennifer at Diary of a Southern Belle asks, "What is your favorite Lilly Pulitzer item that you own? Where do you like to wear it? What accessories do you wear with it?"
My favorite item is a light teal (if that's a color. lol) polo. I wear it with spring green Express capris, pearl earrings and necklace, and my Banana Republic flip flops. It's one of my go-to brunch/shopping Summer outfits.

Emily at Life as I know it From Memphis is curious about "What people do for a living, or what they do all day if not work?"
I work M-F 8-5. LOL! Big Brother hasn't banned Blogger yet, and it's best to do it on my lunch break b/c LC is so nosy. I work as an assistant in Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Lending.

Peace, Love, and Big asks, "I'm turning 21 in a few short weeks. What drink would you recommend? What is one beauty product you can't live without? Favorite junk food? What do you love most about Memphis?"
I think you should have this Belle's drink of choice which is bourbon and coke. Normally, I drink Jim Beam, but hey it's your bday so you should splurge and indulge yourself in a hoity toity bourbon like Maker's Mark and coke instead=) The one beauty product I cannot live without is Urban Decay's Eyeshadow primer. It works!!!!! My favorite junk food has to be cookies. I love them. I am very particular about my cookies. The thing I love most about Memphis is March through May. That's sounds kinda weird, but you have my birthday of course, ARTini, South Main's Hot Wing Festival, Crawfish Festival, MusicFest, BBQ Fest, and Peabody Rooftop parties start. I love it when this time comes around Memphis.

Petunia at Petunia In Paradise asks, "What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner? What is your favorite perfume?"
My favorite everyday shampoo and conditioner is probably Shampure by Aveda(just bought some today). When going out for a night on the town, I love to use Ojon's thickening line. Actually I just love the way Ojon smells. I use his volumizing foam every day! My favorite perfume is called Alien *weird, I know, and the bottle looks like one too* by Thierry Mugler. Actually, my other favorite is Angel Violet by Thierry Mugler.

Christine at Sparkle Sparkle! asks, "Do you ever think about getting a second pug?"
Why, yes, all the time. Actually I check CraigsList every day to see if someone is giving away one for free. Although, I'm not sure if I could handle EVEN MORE dog hair to vacuum up or lint roll off my clothes. Plus, Princess Puggy is very spoiled, and she gets very jealous. Also, LC swore that he would break up with me if I got ANOTHER pug. In actuality, I just don't have enough time to devote to two of them. That's why I spoil the one I have just as if she was my own child. ha!

If y'all would like to know anything else just ask.
I sooooooo keep forgetting to let y'all know this. I know a lot of you bloggie friends have children, stepchildren, or nieces. I was in Costco, here in Memphis, and I saw the cutest Easter dresses. I was like they are so Lilly. And, what do ya know, I looked at the tag, and they WERE Lilly Pulitzer. And for the bargain price of $23.99. If you're looking for dresses or a nice gift, check out your local Costco.

Btw, I got the Oh Coral shirt in today. I came back from lunch with a package waiting in my office chair. How, I do love packages. Yes, my shopping problem has resorted me to sending my finds via the office that way LC doesn't know. Tehe=) What he doesn't know won't hurt him!!!!


Anonymous said...

I also LOVE Urban Decay's Eyeshadow primer and it does really work.

♥ H ♥ said... mom does the same thing with her purchases! Or she leaves them in the car and brings them in after he's gone to bed. My grandma does the same and shes been married 50+ years!

Divaeva said...

I love that picture - I am so stealing it!

Jennifer said...

Fun questions! I want a pug so badly! They are to cutest dogs ever! I loved hearing your answers to all these questions! I agree with the comment you left me today, we definitely should meet if you are ever in Savannah. All my family is from Tennessee, so one of these days we will definitely cross paths! I am so serious, let me know if you are ever down this way. It would be fun to become "real life" friends!

Anonymous said...

These are such great questions and answers Miss Belle, we love reading these. Your go-to brunch outfit sounds perfect, and we can just imagine how lovely it is in Memphis for the months you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing!

Annabel Manners said...

Lilly at Costco??? LOVE IT!


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