Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello. Are you there???

Sorry, I've been kinda MIA recently.
Normally, I am not SUPER busy at work, but then again, it's the end of the month. Everyone is trying to get their work done to stay off of exception reports, get things done on time, stupid required online tests to take, and so forth.
No update on the LC thing. Who knows when it could be. Wednesday night, we went to a newcomer's dinner at church. LC made the comment when he moves to a house *pssh, who knows when that will be* he will be going to a church near there and not driving all the way downtown. Understandable. I replied that I would still like to attend the church b/c I want to get married there. He was like we'll we're not married anytime soon. Geez, just when you think you've got them figured out. Wham, they throw you a curve ball. I'm like whatever. At this point, what the F ever. Sorry, I'm slightly irritable today due to this nasty weather. Overcast and sprinkles make for a lovely day let me tell you. Other than that, my weekend is really kinda up in the air.
Here are a few purchases that I have made in the past couple of days:We are contemplating going to a Kentucky Derby party here. This hat would match the dress that I have planned to wear. I can't find it any where on the web. It's actually by XOXO *yes, from the Juniors section, GASP* It was too cute and on clearance awhile back, and soooooo doesn't look like something XOXO would make. It's a white strapless with tiny, yellow polka dots and yellow trim. Very very cute and summery!I picked up these Guess patent leather peeptoes to go with the dress. I thought gold would too ick and that yellow would be too matchy matchy. You can't ever go wrong with a nude shoe. These are just too cute!I, also, picked up this BCBG shirt, what a cute little gem. Thought it might be great to wear for Cinco de Mayo. And last but not least,

I got this BCBG dress but in black.

I know I know. I've bored you all enough today with my purchases. Hope you ladies have a great weekend, and may the best horse win=)


Lis said...

Guys are so crazy!!! Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

I LOVE your purchases, I love the BCBG dress the most - of course! ;) SUPER cute!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nancy said...

Super cute hat! I'm sure it will look darling with the dress you have planned! Have a great weekend :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great outfit for the Derby. I really like the BCBG dress.

Jules said...

I love the hat and the nude peeoptoe shoes are perfect! Nude shoes are so in right now.

Maybe your bf is just trying to throw you off :)

Me in Memphis said...

Holy heck, I love that dress!

LWLH said...

Love that dress! :)

The Monogrammed Sailor said...

Love the dress! you will look beautiful!

I just gave you a fabulous blog award!

all i need is love... said...

Love the dress from BCBG!

Learning As I Go said...

I love the dresses! I wish I looked good in a hat like you. I am jealous.


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