Friday, May 1, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer Sale!

Lilly Pulitzer SUPER sale going on at Rue La La right now as we speak. It's an invitation only website. So, if you'd like to go crazy buying a bunch of cheap LP, leave me a comment with your email, and I'll send ya an invite. They have some good stuff right now!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh girl! I said I was just going to look since I need to start trying to save money, but I couldn't resist the great deals!!!! I bought way too many items! I got 6 items. 2 nighties, 1 dress, 2 polos, and 1 pair of shorts. Oh well, it's my reward for a tough semester! I hope you find something great before its all gone!

Suburban prep said...

I had 8 items in my bag but I ended up with just the Courtland Flora Skirt. I just couldn't spend too much and I really liked the skirt. Trust me I could have gone for more.

Jennifer said...

I loved the Fiesta dress too! I kept coming back to it and thinking that I should buy it...but I also had the problem of not knowing what size to buy. I ended up with the Brighton Multi Patch with the ball fringe on the bottom. I think I would go one size up in the Fiesta Dress to be safe. Remember, you can always take it in, but you can't always let it out. BTW, thanks for letting me know about Care Credit. My mom and I are keeping it an option. My father will probably take care of mine, so I am much less stressed about all of that now. My mom has some leads as to where she can come up with the money too. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

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