Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I think I'm having a case of the Tuesdays...

I've been dealing with an attorney's office who has really stressed me out since oh say about 1pm. The statement was incorrect and had to be fixed numerous times. In the midst of all the confusion and mishap on the attorney's part, I didn't include the interest into a figure on the statement. Not normally a big deal, but my one year review is this week. I was hoping for no mishaps neither big nor small this week. So much for that.

Sorry, I didn't get a post in on Friday. I was too busy reading Mrs. Mojito's blog. She has started writing and the story has me hooked. Trust me, you will want to read this.

Weekend update: Sunset Symphony was a NO-GO. The rain came and then was dry and then there was a possibility of rain during the symphony time. A big chance of rain. Yes, it's true this Belle melts in the rain. Instead we opted to go to a friend's cookout, and it was a fabulous time. Sunday, my friends and I gathered at my pool for a cookout and had a lovely time. I love what Summer looks like. People lounging by the pool drinking mimosas and beer, a grill with hamburgers and hot dogs, sun beaming, people laughing, soaking up the sun, getting tan, and so forth. These things are what I always think of when I think of Summer.
Monday, I went ring shopping for the LAST time with my bestest friend in the whole wide world Elle. She really is. It doesn't matter that our lives are slightly different, or the fact we're at kinda different points in our lives. She gets me. Like I can pick up the phone, and we catch up where we left a few weeks ago. There's no judging in our friendship, and she is completely the most non-judgmental, unbiased person I know. I can tell her anything and not be afraid or ashamed. I hope everyone has a dear friend/sister like this! Anyways, I picked out the three or four styles I like the best. All are completely different, but any would make me happy. She always knows exactly what I like, and what looks good. She said my choices were perfect b/c she considers me preppy but with a slight edge. No don't think EMO. Think Preppy with a slight bit of trendiness with timeless taste. After our shopping fiesta, I came home did laundry and caught up on my season finales on the net. Yes, I said the net, not dvr. Do not get me started about the DVR and Comcast. That is another rant for a different day. BTW, Grey's Anatomy fans out there, I cried my little heart out. Who cared about the DNR-Save Izzy!!!!!! And OMG, seriously George the guy who walked out in front of the bus for a girl he didn't even know. It mustn't end like this. I can't even think about it anymore:(


Domestic Diva said...

Just found your blog, love it! Would love to send you an invite to mine. Mermotherofidenicalmermaids@gmail.com
Yes - having a true best friend is priceless and that picture is making me hungry!
Have a fabulous evening!!
xxxx me

Jennifer said...

I am excited that we are both going to be my planning weddings soon!!!


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