Friday, August 14, 2009

"Find a new dermo" added to my to-do list

Pretty in Pink Megan gave me the name of her dermo; so, he is next on my list. Yesterday, I arrived at 3 on the dot. I know I still wasn't in a room at 3:23 pm b/c I tweeted complaining about it. I had to vent somewhere. I didn't even look at my phone to see what time it was when I got back there. I'm assuming it must have been around 3:45 b/c the nurse came in to ask what I was there for. Then, I had to wait for the doctor, and I was out by 4. He was only in the room with me maybe 5-7 minutes. I'm sorry, that's just not enough when I'm trying to ask you about my skin condition, what can help it, what caused it, etc. He gave me short answers and seemed in a hurry. Not to mention, he didn't even go over what I could do but had his nurse come in instead. AND, on top of that, I was having two spots on my leg removed. And low and behold, when I got home, LC looked at them, and he was like "He didn't even get all of it." I'm not even going to go back and have them fix it. I'm just going to another dermatologist. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to go back there as soon as I get there, but I don't mind it when my doctor is running behind as long as he spends time with me concerning what I'm there for. I happened to mention it to the two girls I work with this morning, and one of them has seen my dermo as well. And guess what, she NEVER went back. She wasn't that impressed with him either. Sorry, Mr. I don't give a $hit about your skin I'm only out for a buck dermo, it's over as of 4pm 8/13/09. No looking back either. On to a new one=)

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Ugh. Wow I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. That is the worst when you spend a long time waiting to hardly get to talk to the doctor at all. I hope you can find someone good soon. I wish I could help, but alas, the fabulous one that I know is in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Hope you find the perfect Doctor!! I know a MD there an could ask if he knows a good Dermo if you would like. Hope you have a great weekend!! = )


That is one of my pet peeves and happens more than not. I can't stand waiting for doctors. Hello how would they feel if they came to our jobs and had to wait 45 minutes, talked to our assistant for 5 minutes, then paid an exorbitant amount for nothing. Ugh!

The Pink Chick said...

Sorry you have had so much trouble with your dermo. I hope you find a new one that you like soon!


Forgot to leave my email for Ruelala in my comment. It is Thank you!

Learning As I Go said...

I never understood why doctors make you wait for hours only to spend five to ten minutes with you. what happen to good service? Good luck with the new doc.

Becca said...

I had a similar experience with the first derm that I went too. I actually went to him twice, both times I had to wait over an hour to get in. He hurried through my consult and tried to talk me into microdermabrasion (sp). On the second treatment I was waiting for him to come into the room, (after an hour wait) and heard him on the phone next door selling his speed boat! I opened the door and walked out without being treated after that.

Now when I need a derm I go to a woman physician assistant at another derm. She is great! She takes plenty of time and is very thorough, and she understands women's skin so much better than a man would IMO.

Hope you can find someone you like!

DD said...

I used to see Frank Witherspoon there. It's not a fru-fru office, but I like him so much that I drove 5 hours for a visit after we had moved from there. He spends a lot of time with you and I've never had to wait a long time. He's on Union Ave.


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