Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do you tip your to-go person?

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. This is the not the opinion of the vast universe as a whole. If you don't like it, don't read it. If you disagree, please be cordial about it and leave the mean messages in your head instead of my comment section. Cordial disagreement is accepted. If you agree, well then, that's just lovely, and we, my friends, live on the same page.

I've mentioned before that I have a second job. I work about an average of 7 hrs every two weeks which I guess equals about 3.5 a week. I don't work enough really for it to be called a "job" per se, but still I digress...

I do to-go at a restaurant in town. I have worked at said restaurant for what will be 10 years in March 2010. I have seen it all. I know the tricks of the trade, and I try to go above and beyond for my customers. I know I get what they call "hangry" when I'm extremely hungry. In case you need to know what "hangry" means, it's when you are so hungry it makes you angry hence the combining of the words into hangry. You know like Brangela or Bennifer. Okay, sorry, that was my feeble attempt at humor. Most to-go specialists make minimum wage or less. I, on the other hand, make more than that, but that's because I've been there NINE years. And believe me, I could go work part-time at the gas station and probably make more. I don't mind bringing your food out to to you even when it's raining. That's my job. I always make sure your order is correct, and that you have everything you need. Nothing's worse than being out of town on business and returning back to the hotel with your order to only find there's no silverware, or things that were supposed to come with your order are missing. Blows. But, not getting a tip really blows. If you get bad service, that's one thing. Good service and no tip is not cool. Here are two recent instances that I have encountered within the past two weeks.

Situation 1:
[It is raining. I'm talking monsoon, flash flood warning kind of raining. The kind where the umbrella doesn't even help. Belle takes receipt of order outside to customer for payment]

Belle: Hi ma'am, you're total is $X. (shivering b/c my back is being smacked with a gust of wind and pelted with lots of rain and umbrella is not helping at all it's raining so bad)
Customer: O.M.G., this has got to be like the worst part of your job. Oh my!
Belle: That's okay. Don't worry about it.
[Belle returns inside to get customer's change and to get order to bring out to guest]
Belle: $X is your change. Thank you! Enjoy!
Customer: Thanks. Have a great day. Don't get too wet!

Moral of situation one: If you make me bring your order out in a monsoon, then at least tip me. If you don't want to tip, then just come inside and pick up your own order. Save me from getting sick. Thanks. But mostly, if you're going to be that person to make me come out in a monsoon and aren't going to tip, at least spare me the acknowledgement of the worst parts of my job i.e. bringing food out in the rain.

Situation 2:
[Customer places order over phone and wants curbside. Car is champagne lexus. Lexus arrives. Belle goes outside to greet customer and give receipt]

Belle: Good evening, sir! Your total is $X. (Man is talking on bluetooth not acknowledging my presence. Finally, he acknowledges my presence.)
Man: How much is it?
Belle: Your total is $X.
Lexus Man: Okay. (Pulls a HUGE bank roll out of his pocket and proceeds to pull each bill out in the most flashy, I'm a baller kinda way. Belle notices the man is wearing a sheriff's hat. Except, this Lexus driving officer doesn't even own a money clip instead just a rubber band. Real classy Mr. Lexus I'm a baller. Man gives Belle the money. She goes back in to get change which equals $1.16 [yes, I still remember the exact amount] and bring order out to customer)
Belle: Here ya go sir. (Belle hands change to customer) Hope you enjoy! (Lexus man still talking on bluetooth.) ENJOY!!!
Mr. I'm a Lexus driving, rubber banded bank roll carrier, so important bluetooth talker, big baller: Thanks!

Moral of situation two: I guess you can't be an officer who protects the citizens of our city, a baller with a bank roll held together by a rubber band, a Lexus driver, talk on your bluetooth to make you seem soooooooo important, or be a baller if you tip your to-go girl. Nuff said.
and for that matter it should say Tennessee as well

So, that's my rant for today. If you've gotten this far, thank you for letting me vent=)


Unknown said...

I totally know what you mean. I used to work at a water ice place (if you're not from the philly area--that's italian ice) and one time I had a man give me then 10 cents that I just gave him back as his change and tell me to "put it towards my college education."

While I appreciate the sentiment that he did give me a "tip"-- his tone was condescending and he thought it was funny--- not that he was being nice.

People are so rude!

dislocated GA peach said...

working as a waitress/takeout girl/host through out college i can completely agree with this post 120 percent!

The Pink Chick said...

I can't believe those people did not tip you! People like that are appalling.

JG said...

Eesh. Sorry about that. It's funny, some of the worst tippers I know are ones who used to be waiters (or servers or whatever they are called now). They are incredibly critical, and I guess think they were the perfect waiters because if their glass is allowed to go for .5 seconds without being refilled - there goes your tip!

Unknown said...

you'd love me, because I AM a to-go order tipper and I actually get out of my car and go into pick it up. But I too was a waitress and I know that you get taxed on tips, even if you don't get any, so I ALWAYS tip! Hopefully you have some customers that make up for those that don't. :)

Unknown said...

I just stumbled on your blog and it's so cute! And yes girl, I would definitely tip you! ESPECIALLY if you brought me my food in the freaking rain!!

Anonymous said...

hi, I was a career restaurant worker through college and I totally understand what you are saying! totally. I miss the interaction with people sometimes, but I gotta admit there were some days when I came home I didn't want to talk to a soul! haha Hooray for you for going above a beyond the call of duty! = )

tintarosa said...

I don't usually pick up food to go. However, I do tip at Sonic.


I COMPLETELY agree with you. There is absolutely no excuse for not tipping someone. I even went to Applebees curbside a couple of weeks ago and did not bring enough cash for a tip so I went and got more money and brought back the tip. I don't even have a job right now and I make sure I tip. I am in the hospitality industry, so like you I work with the public. It is a thankless job for the most part, but the crap you have to put up with and no tip is ridiculous. I totally feel for you. I also know that I was raised to tip people 20% for anything and I remember my parents tipping everyone on vacation and ALWAYS in restaurants. Bad service to me just gets 15%! Come on people, this is ridiculous!!! Also knowing they make more money than me and are stingy drives me insane!!!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I totally get what you mean! I did waitressing all through college and for extra cash every once in awhile after college too. I truly believe ignorance is bliss for most people. They just don't know! It's so irritating!

Lauren said...

WOW, I totally agree!!!! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate our to-go people alot more and to recognize with a tip!! Seriously, the instances you replayed for us, seriously deserved a top!!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Oh my gosh! These stories were just crazy and I can't believe that things like this happen!

I think most people (maybe not these 2) are just clueless, have never done a job like that and don't have any idea. I was a hostess at a nice restaurant in college and things like this would happen to the servers there all the time. Terrible!

Unknown said...

That stinks! I waitressed my way through undergrad, so I'm the girl who orders a $1.50 Diet Dr.Pepper from Sonic during happy hour and gives them a $5 bill with a "keep the change"! It makes the poor them smile and me smile :) However, it makes my husband mad sometimes. But seriously unless the wait staff is incredibly rude, I always leave at least 30%!

Erin said...

Hubs and I met in restaurant work...we ALWAYS tip. To-Go, bartender, parking attendant, EVERYONE. It's HARD WORK, people! Not physically, really, but dealing with ATTITUDES!

katie lake said...

I recently re-exited the restaurant world and I'm pretty sure there should be a disclaimer on restaurant menus that says "By the way your server is only making $2.13 an hour so be sure to tip." I usually tip on to-go orders but not as much as I tip if I sit down and eat. I also try to always tip in cash.


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