Thursday, September 3, 2009

Loopholes are fabulous

After a Grrrrr post yesterday, a happy one is in store. So, I officially started on my shopping hiatus on September 1st. LC has declared a bet. If I can actually not buy anything of "luxury"i.e. no Lilly, J. Crew, or VV or any clothing items WHATSOEVER, only the necessities like some Stila eyeshadow I bought today, he will buy me two new Lilly dresses. I'm loving the fall line; so, I think I can make it. It's so hard though, seriously! I mean seeing J. Crew in my inbox screaming "BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT-FINAL SALE". And when J yells, this Belle pays attention. I went immediately into my favorites where I'd had the J. Crew Slub Shirred Ruffle Tank saved just hoping for the day it would go on sale. Yesterday was that day. But I became all upset; because, yesterday was also September 2nd, and my hiatus had already begun. There's no way I'm going to lose a bet. So, whadya do when it comes down to this, find a freaking loophole. Hey, isn't that what lawyers do. LC is a lawyer. Surely, he'd understand. I sent him an email and this is what it said:

"Sooooooooooo, the shirt I've been wanting forever is finally on sale. Since I am not allowed to buy things, you are allowed to shop;)"

Reel it in, c'mon you can do it, of course ladies, hook, line, and sinker. LC got me the shirt. Done. He's the greatest, most understanding of loopholes kinda boyfriend. So, it's day three and I'm going strong. Wish me luck ladies. It's going to be a loooooooong ride.

Btw, if anyone knows where I can get (not me but for the parentals to buy me for Xmas [yes, I am already thinking of my wish list]), please let me know. I should have bought it a long time ago. Now, it's quite possible I'll never be the owner of this beautiful Lilly Pulitzer Mojito tunic Loopy Lilly print in navy.


Jennifer said...

ooh girl! That is hard! I am not on a shopping hiatis per se, but I am certainly limiting myself a lot! I wish I could get Thomas to buy me stuff. He would never go out and buy me clothes for no reason. However, the holidays are a whole 'nother story. Christmas he goes hog wild! He always ends up spending way more than me. Last year, he bought me a diamond journey pendant and a really expensive special edition Vera Bradley bag. The year before was diamond stud earrings. I always get really excited for his Christmas presents! Hope your day is going great! I enjoyed looking at your facebook pics today and putting a face with a name. This is long, so talk to ya later!

Elle said...

I love that Lilly tunic, do you ever use, it's a search engine for shopping and it will pop up any website that has that item... it includes ebay as well as store sites. Here's a link, they found three of them... all on sale :) The challenge is that the search engine searches historical sites, so sometimes you'll click the link and the item won't be available any more... anyway... Good Luck!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Love the Lilly tunic! What a deal! I think I would force myself to hold off for 2 Lilly dresses!

Wait, how long is this shopping hiatus for? Did I miss it? One month?

Anonymous said...

that was a win/win situation if I ever saw one!! way to reel him in! = )

Anonymous said...

Wow, does LC know how to make a deal, or what?! And you are so wise, this is where the parentals can be very helpful!

Enjoy the long weekend Miss Belle!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I stopped by 'cause I saw a comment from you on landlocked mermaids blog and just wanted to let you know that if someone's blog is private you won't get an update on blogger.

Lauren said...

Hey, desparate times call for creative thinking...Way to go, girl!!! haha :)

Unknown said...

Love the shirt! How long is the hiatus????


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