Thursday, September 24, 2009

I think parts of the US need one of these...


Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day! Seriously, it hasn't quit raining here in at least two weeks. I know this because I couldn't enjoy the last two weekends of Summer laying out by the pool due to the monsoon that I wake up to every day.

This is what it looked like in part of our downtown on Friday. Ok, I kid on the monsoon because literally parts of Atlanta look like Noah's Ark should come floating along any time now. I think we need a rainbow ASAP to show that this will not happen again. Sending thoughts and prayers to the places that it need it the most=)

***PS-no, I didn't cave in to the fourth meal. We had eaten all the pasta for dinner; so, I just went to bed. Good thing; because, I sure went to get it out of the fridge for my 4th meal. hahaha!


Brittany said...

Oh my! I've heard all about ya'lls rain. I'm orginally from a small town an hour from Memphis. And Beau is from Horn Lake I'm glad we aren't living there right now!

I bet Third St. is awful. It didn't rain anything like it has lately and we were trying to get to Country on Beale last year and had to detour through parking lots!

Be safe...the sun has to come out and play soon!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Wow, I didn't know parts of downtown were flooded like that. I did get in a mini flood one day at the Park and Ridgeway intersection. I saw people almost get stuck and turned into the P.F. Chang's parking lot at the last second.

P.S. I totally would've wanted the pasta, too. I get hungry late at night and want snacks, even though I know it's bad. Well, unless I eat a banana or something, but who wants that?

JG said...

Yeah, it's been really dreary over here, too. Very blah.

BTW, stop by my blog today for a shout-out!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I'm tired of this rain!

Anonymous said...

It has been yuck up here too!! Love the picture!

Unknown said...

It is finally SUNNY here today! Woot! It has been rainy and dreary for the past two weeks here in my little piece of the planet as well!

RE: Latisse - They still include the iris discoloration because it is the same product just administered differently. I am almost positive, that even when it was dropped into the eye the chance of pigmentation change was only like 1% I'm keeping my fingers crossed because so far, I've experienced nothing but longer, thicker lashes :)

Children of the 90s said...

I heard about the Atlanta flooding, but I hadn't seen any pictures. It's nowhere near as bad here, but it has been raining a ton! It's so dreary. I miss summer already!


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