Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer Dress for sale

I have a Lilly Pulitzer Clooney dress size 6 hanging in my closet. It's only been worn once. It's just not my cup of tea, but it may be yours. As much as I'd love to hang on to a piece of Jubilee, I'd rather have someone who really wanted the dress to have it and wear it proudly!!!! Right now it is listed at thesaleshack.com for $124.00 brand new. BIN price of $85.00 OBO + 5$ shipping (priority mail). Please email me your bid at southernbellejm@gmail.com. Please blog/post/put it in your side bar, tell your friends, you get the gist.

credit for picture and description below to lillypulitzer.com

Clooney Dress Printed Jacquard $248.00

Style #: 70476
This dress has a delightfully soft hand. It's as if it was your grandmother's prized Lilly that she passed down to your mother, and now it's your own. Oh wait, we did that on purpose! This Jubilee dress has our gorgeous vintage wash. Who needs the old? We have the new, feeling soft and comfortable. JUST RIGHT.

JS 19" Skort shift dress with drop waist & bow closure at neck

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Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Very cute dress! I think I tried on a top in that pattern (or a very similar pattern). I am all over the place on sizing on Lilly dresses depending on the style. It seems like I always have to buy a bigger size with Lilly than with any other company. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

I left you something on my blog (which you probably already have received, but after your thoughtfulness I couldn't leave you off of the recipients list)!


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