Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not fell, but just merely stepped off the wagon

I didn't fall; because, I'm still in control, but I might have stepped off the wagon just a wee bit. I purchased a couple of things yesterday. It was kind of a need and kind of a want thing. I purchased these:I'm not a big shoe person. I have the basic staples. You know black and brown winter boots, black and brown heels for work, a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of black and gold and silver stilettos for nightly outings, a few pairs of heels for work, a pair of teva flip flops, a pair of Gold LP McKims, and a pair of New Balance tennis shoes for everyday wear, and a pair of Nike Shocks for running,like I really do any running nowadays which is why I'm a size 6 down low instead of a size 4:( and a few others that slip my mind I'm sure, but still I know that sounds like a lot of shoes, but when compared to someone who loves shoes, i.e. Southern Champagne Wishes (if you haven't read her blog, she is too cute, check her out!), I'm just a mere pair of flats in a great big closet of heels. I felt this purchase wasn't frivolous. I'd wanted these Lilly Pulitzer Bee Happy flats since they came out, but I just couldn't fathom spending 200+ on a pair of flats. I even saw them at Marshall's for $99, but I am a tightwad when it comes to buying shoes. I have no idea why since I have no problem splurging on clothing attire. I guess because I am scared I'm going to ruin them by messing up the heels, scratching them, scuffing them, or whatever else you can do to a shoe. With clothes, they can be sewn, washed, etc. I have been very good and haven't purchased a clothing item in almost two weeks! This is a loooooooooong time for me. So, when I ran across these shoes brand new on Ebay the other night for $29.99+ $8.97 shipping. I had to get them. I don't have any gold flats at all. I think the hiatus has taught me that I don't need to buy stuff all the time. It's good to wait. If I'd already spent my check,which is what normally happens when pay day comes around I wouldn't have had the money for these shoes. I would have missed my golden opportunity for these LP golden Bee Happy flats. I'm so happy I didn't waste my money on items that I don't really need like another polo, unless it's navy b/c I need one to have for football games this year. *gasp* Yes, it's true. Can you believe a prep like me doesn't have a classic staple such as a navy polo. Well, sometimes, a girl's gotta live on the edge, right?
And maybe, I dragged my feet on the ground a little. Jack over at Lilly Service (who by the way is an absolute darling) found me both items I have been wanting forever, but just waited too late to get them. If you're not following him on twitter, you should. His twitter name is XXLilly_Service. He goes above and beyond emailing/calling the stores to find your precious Lilly items. He found both the Paley cardigan and the Mojito tunic for me. I purchased the Mojito and at 99 bucks, I had to; because, I wasn't about to drop a whopping 200 bucks full price for one.Yes, even I have my limits when it comes to clothes I'd been waiting forever to find one. That my friends is my official last purchase. We are about to put in an offer on a house, my student loans come due October 7th, and well, I will be B.R.O.K.E.I know what you're thinking. Yeah, right! This girl has been talking about kicking the shopping habit forever. But it's true. No more shopping:( My parents bought me the Paley Cardigan and are saving it as one of my Christmas presents. I am willing to wait that long.


Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I love everything you bought. The tunic and the cardigan are adorable! I felt the same way about those adorable flats at Marshall's - I loved them, but just didn't need them. It's a good thing you waited - that is a major score!!

I'm trying so hard to be better, but it's lunch hour at work that really gets me...internet shopping is hard to resist then!

So excited that you have found a house that you love! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely!! Such a cute blog =)

Lauren said...

Oh, girl... that purchase is totally cute!!! :)

Jennifer said...

You got some cute finds. It is really hard not to shop! Good luck with the house!

sarah said...

Those were totally worth it!


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