Monday, May 3, 2010

Something Cheery!

I hope all bloggy friends are okay. The South had a torrential downpour this past weekend mixed with a few tornadoes. Not to mention, alot of areas are flooded:(

It was this past weekend cooped up in my house due to said weather that I realized one very staple that is missing in our household. That's playing cards. You can only watch so much tv or do so much laundry til you're about to go ABSOLUTELY insane...Then, I realized I had totally forgotten about the cute LP Hit Me Playing Cards that Lifeguard Press sent me. Not only did they come in handy, but they are super cute:) AND, they're only $19.95 for two decks!

Also, readers, I've gotten a couple of questions. If your email isn't activated on your blogger profile for me to respond to your comments you can email me at southernbellejm{at}gmail(dot)com, and I can respond to you. Reader L just drop me an email, and I'll get back to you on your questions:)

PS-Pearls and Ponies please contact me about the giveaway you won, i'd hate to have to pick another person.


House Queen said...

Oh...I love to play cards! Wish I had been there to play with ya!

Ruth said...

Glad you were able to keep busy during the storms Saturday. I started catching up on the pile of magazines.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love the cards. I need some news ones, and these looks so pretty and fun! :)


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