Monday, July 5, 2010

VS Swimwear Review

Somehow, this does not look the same on me. Tehe. The problem for me was (I'm bootylicious...think Kim K and J.Lo) that the small was just a "tad" too small, and the medium bottom was just a "tad" too big. And, I didn't like the colors on me.
I thought this one was super cute and a keeper! I will say this, I would not be pleased if I had paid full price for this swimsuit. The leopard print is sticky. I had to pull it apart from each other and could hear the stickiness of it all. It fit nicely on the bottom, and I did take a medium due to the metal sides. It is a teensy bit big in the front with having to get the medium. And, one factor that I liked was the gold metal pieces on the top and bottom are in a matte gold and not shiny. I'd say it's along the same lines as a Target swimsuit, and with getting the sale price of $19.98 for both pieces, not a bad deal even if I only wear it a few times.
I had lots of hope for this one! At first, I tried it on the other night, and immediately was like NEXT!  However, I didn't try it on with the bottom. At work on Thursday, I decided to try it on again psssh, don't judge. you know you try on stuff in the bathroom at your work too! and, I liked it. I took a small in the bottom on this one, but, I'm going to try it on one more time when I get home tonight.  The only real negative I have about this one is that there is no liner pads in the top, and there are no openings to put liner pads in. If I decide to keep it, I'm going to have to pay extra to have my seamstress fix this. And, to contradict what I just said, it's going back. I checked the price in my email, and $29 is just not worth it to me considering it will need to be taken to the seamstress. Guess, I'll wait til the end of Summer when the big sale happens to get it.

A friend of mine got this swimsuit last year, and it looked great on her. I was skeptical when ordering it because we don't have the same body type, but I went ahead because it was cheap. Needless to say, this was my absolute favorite. I have an hourglass to slightly pear shaped figure. I have hips and a booty, and I must say this flattered my body style. In this, I took a small in the bottom.

Is it just me, or are bikini bottoms coming with less fabric?!?!?!?!? I feel like they don't cover my booty like they should!


Ruth said...

No looking at a lot of them I think the same thing about the bottoms. I am not looking forward to buying on this year. My grandmother had to remind me I would need one before our trip. ugh!

Jaime said...

I feel the same way! Bathing suits never cover my bottom like they should. I want a full-bum coverage bottom that is still cute.. I like all three suits though. They are very cute!

If you get a chance, come by my blog today. I am hosting a very cute giveaway!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

I find that I have the same problem with VS swimwear. The small is a tad too small and the medium seems huge! I do have the orange, navy and white one you posted about and the lining is horrible in it. I do love it so I wear it around my pool only if I don't have company. The last one you posted is super cute and I plan on ordering it. Hope you have a great week ! ~Andrea

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I need that blue and orange bikini in the worst way.
I love that one!

♥ H ♥ said...

I have the same problem! Bigger on bottom, small on top... But I'm glad you can order them separate, otherwise I'd be screwed!! And, you're right..the bottoms do seem to get smaller and smaller!! Not good for girls like us!

Taryn said...

I must have that second to last suit, it has Gators written all over it!

Jenn W said...

completely agree about the bottoms of swimwear, especially VS swimwear, not good for girls with a little junk in the trunk.
i absolutely love the last one- the brown and white polka dot one. definitely can't wait for a couple months til they all go on sale for real cheap!


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