Thursday, February 24, 2011

Come on and get your $10!!!

The wonderful Rue La La sent me this email today! If you aren't a member, go ahead and sign up. This company is seriously fab!!!! Great customer service and great boutique sales. SERIOUSLY!
Here's my link:

Also if you missed my last post, don't miss out on the wonderful opportunity to join Bamboopink! I've never sold anything or been a consultant before, ever! This sounds like such a wonderful thing, and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! 

I listened in on a conference call today, and they said you can sell solely online if you choose to. You don't have to do the parties or the trunk shows. You can do them if you choose to, but it's not a requirement. I haven't decided whether or not, I'll do a trunk show, but I'm all about selling online. I'm a busy girl. I'm a teacher by day and a to-go girl at a restaurant at night, a Junior Leaguer, planning a wedding, and sponsor a club at my school. Trust me...I KNOW ALL ABOUT BUSY BUSY BUSY! I think it's a great opportunity for me to do something fun and girly. So, check it out.

If you like it, you can join through my link here:

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