Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haute Bride

I have two sets of beautiful jewelry for the big day. Not sure which I'll wear, but I wanted two to make sure I would be happy with my choice. I bought the Carolee earrings and bracelet which I've posted about before. The other set is by Haute Bride. Talk about gorgeous! I ordered this bracelet from Arzelle's in Nashville this summer.

When I went to Nashville to pick it up, the sales girl showed me a new pair of HB earrings that matched it perfectly. Of course, I purchased those as well:) I can't seem to find a pic of them on the net. However, I wish I would have waited. I paid $143 for the bracelet. And now the Aisle of New York has it on sale for $99. And because the bracelet is GORGEOUS, and I already know I'm not going to want to sell...I ordered these earrings off of Aisle of NY to match. You know just to give me another option for less dressier affairs since the other earrings are way more formal. I scooped these babies up for $49.

I love art deco/deco inspired jewelry:) And if you'd like an invite to the Aisle of New ya go!
Yeah, it's bridal stuff, but they always have jewelry and accessories sales. Very cute stuff!!!!!

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REBrown said...

I love those earrings!

You are going to look so smokin' on your big day.

Legal Preppy said...

Oh I love the pieces you've picked, whatever you wear you will look beautiful. xo, LP


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