Friday, October 7, 2011

So Over Today!

I had to add this because it's kind of funny. We are STILL getting rsvps back in. Ummm hello, the wedding is like a week away. We've already told our caterer the headcount. Funny, how people don't realize how important these things are.

I swear I'm so over today. In about 3 hours it will be officially one week until our wedding. My schedule is going to be crazy.

Here it is starting today:
Friday night: work
Saturday: make program template and email to church lady for approval; work
Sunday: grade papers, get bridesmaids bags ready, do two months worth of laundry
Monday: get hair done, pick up the rest of gifts for the wedding party, pick out cardstock for flip flop tags, go to Michaels to buy ink, work
Tuesday: final fitting of dress, practice makeup on my mother(she never wears any), work, buy bathroom basket materials; work
Wednesday: put together tears of joy tissue packets for ceremony, print programs, grade papers, make lesson plans, try not to lose my mind
Thursday: go over all last minute details, drop stuff off to event planner, pack my bags
Friday: get nails done, drop off napkins and straws to caterer, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, having besties spend the night with me so hopefully I won't be too nervous
Saturday: THE BIG DAY:)

So, on the way to school the other day, I was about a mile away when my car wouldn't go into 3rd gear. It just kept slowing down and sloooowing down and sloooooooowing down. I pulled over because I knew something wasn't right. So on top of the crazytown schedule I just posted, I found out today that I NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION. Yeah, life kinda sucks right now. I still owe $40 to the florist and $100 for our cantor. I'm literally about one step away from a breakdown. I'm super stressed out:(

It will all be over soon. Just wasn't expecting to have to get a new transmission or possibly new car right now. In all reality, I can't afford either.

Hope your week is going better than mine!

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Sonya said...

My car started having problems around my wedding too. Praying your week goes smoothly and for a beautiful wedding day!

Jules said...

I've been there and swear I wasn't any version close to myself about 2 weeks leading up to the wedding. The whole RSVP thing got me really pissy too, so I don't blame you there. Everything will work out and it will be a beautiful wedding! Just take it one day at time and you'll be fine. I'm sorry about the car and hope everything works out with that.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Oh girl, I"m so sorry things are bumpy right now. Hang in there, not much time left AT ALL!!

Kristin said...

I know how you are feeling. I was a huge ball of stress around wedding time (complete with handy wine coolers to get me through)! It's stressful, especially when you have spent most of, if not all of your money preparing for the wedding. It gets better. The big day will come and be gone before you know it, so enjoy it as much as you can. And remember to breathe!

A Simple Southern Life said...

aw I'm so sorry! Everything will work out- your wedding is too close to be sad!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Sending you a big hug girl. I know how much it sucks. I had a friend who complained about people who RSVP'd late for her wedding and screwed up her guest count. Then for my wedding, 4 months later, it took me 3 emails to get her to RSVP. 2.5 weeks late.


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