Monday, December 26, 2011

Loved My Christmas

I had SUCH a wonderful Christmas. Most importantly, the best part was just being with family:) You know I just didn't really "need" anything; I didn't really "want" anything this year either. This Christmas snuck up on me. I can't even believe it's over. I wasn't ready which is probably why I didn't really know what to ask for. Ha!

Regardless, I ended up with some great gifts this year! These are my new pretties!

LC got me a new car! It's not brand new, but it's similar to this in a diff color. I haven't had a new car in about 5 years! It was my MIL's. She got a new car so he bought her old one. Regardless, I have a new car, and I'm loving it:)

 Nook Tablet and a new Barnes and Noble Membership from LC, my BIL and future SIL!!!!

Patagonia Fleece:from LC:)
VS pink and black polka dot pjs 
and my parents paid off my VS bill. Yay:)
Kinect from the in-laws! Can't wait to start using this to workout.

And  my  mom bought this fleece fabric from Hancock's and had my aunt make me a fleece blanket out of it. Tacky?Yes. Love it? For sure:)
 Anddddd, the parentals also gave me the Urban Decay Naked palette. Yay!

Also, my parents gave me $75 which was much needed:)

I had a great Christmas. I got great presents, but my heart was full after this weekend. So great to see family and friends. I can't wait til next year!


Anonymous said...

Paying off the VS bill - best. gift. ever! :) Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Meredith said...

looks like a great Christmas!

Whitney said...

Yay! You made out like a bandit for Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously great presents - but the gone with the wind fleece blankie is obv the best by far ;)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

oooh love the goodies...


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