Saturday, December 31, 2011

Products I'm Loving Right Now!

So, I haven't done one of these posts in awhile...

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Shampoo **
I've been using Aveda's Shampure shampoo line for at least a decade now. However, I really like this shampoo. I think I'm going to keep using it from here on out. Not to mention, you get a little more than the Aveda, and it's cheaper.

I'm loving, LOVING this palette. My parents got this for me for Xmas from Sephora. I couldn't bring myself to pay this much for some eyeshadow. I was WRONG to not buy it! This palette is totes worth it. No joke. I would pay full price for it. I plan to ask for the Naked Palette 2 for Valentine's Day:)

Hana Shine Shield Therapy **
This kind of reminds me of the product BioSilk I used to use back in the day. I use this daily now. A little bit goes a long way! This really does help with the heat damage, and it gives my hair a great shine! It leaves it feeling soft as well. I dry my hair most days, and I feel like it doesn't feel as dry since I've been using this product. 
 Cover FX's Conceal FX 
in light
I think I may have posted about this before, and this concealer is like THE HOLY GRAIL OF CONCEALERS in my book. Maybe one day when I'm feeling brave, I'll post a half and half shot of my face. I'll post the half where you can see the melasma and the red marks from picking (i'm a picker) and the other half of my face where I cover said problems up. It's AWESOME!

For a couple of year's I was using Halo's root pump and liked it. I used this on days when I didn't feel like blowing drying my hair. I just toss some of this in to enhance my natural waves. Then, one day a light bulb went off, and I used it as a root enhancer. [cue: angels singing and beams from heaven shining down]. AWESOME! It's really light and gives a great lift. I have fine, thin hair so I gotta use product. Love this stuff. I use it E.V.E.R.Y. s.i.n.g.l.e. D.a.Y.

I'm pretty sure I have this in Rose Quartz or Rose Garnet. This stuff is no joke. It stays on! I use this whenever I'm going to a function where I'm going to be out for awhile or to a party or stuff like that. It does make my lips dry, so I don't use it for everyday use.  

Color: Wet
This is the lip gloss that I use for everyday use. I love this color!!! VS describes it as a beige-brown. It's a neutral color on my lips so it looks pretty natural. I'll be sad if they ever discontinue this color!

**These products were sent along with the two items I reviewed for Misikko, and I had no idea they were going to be in there. They did not ask me to review the items, nor was I financially compensated or compensated at all for reviewing them in this post. I just really like them:) 

With that being said, none of the other items were given to me or asked to review. All thoughts in this post are my own, original musings!


Whitney said...

I told you you would LOVE the naked palette ;) Like you, I'm waiting for someone to buy the me the second one (hopefully before it sells out!)

Learning As I Go said...

I love Paul Mitchell. Ill have to try some of the other products

Jenn said...

You sold me on the Naked palette...

Classy Fab Sarah said...

My stylist uses Phomollient and I always love how my hair feels... gah, need to buy it!

And damn, that stupid Naked palette is torturing me!


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