Sunday, January 1, 2012

Clean Slate...

I hope y'all had a safe and happy new year!!!!!! What did I do? Oh, we just had one of our couple friends over, ordered pizza, rocked it out on rock band, ignored the noise from the party next door, and set up the kinect. Peeps, just a fair warning...if you received a kinect for Xmas and haven't used it yet, get some advil and a day off of work! I'm super sore today, and all I did was play a couple of games and do the "latin dance" on one of my workout videos. I'm officially old and out of shape. Ha!

Anyways, the one thing I like about New Year's is that it's a clean slate. It's a new year, a new beginning. I hate making resolutions. I never keep them, and then get mad and frustrated because I didn't keep them. I like to make goals instead. Something to work for, something to achieve, something to cross off a list. So, here are my 10 goals for this year in no certain order:

1. I'm going back to grad school to finish my master's this spring. It's a pass or fail class. My goal is to PASS.Find the right online college classes for you and pass with flying colors.
2. I need to lose the 5lbs that I've gained in the past year and a know eat right, work out!
3. Pay cash, not credit.
4. Keep the shopping hiatus going meaning debt will decrease.
5. Start a family this it god willing:)
6. Once my crazy schedule is over in May, make a point to make "dates" with friends more!
7. Blog more this year
8. Experiment more with makeup (i wear the same colors every day-boring!)
9. join a Catholic church that is closer to us and get involved
10. stop wearing yoga pants everywhere and get back to dressing up. btw, darn the inventor of the yoga pant. they are just sooooooo comfortable.

What are yours?

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Classy Fab Sarah said...

I love all your goals for the year!! I need to make some of my own.

Jenn said...

I'm right there with you on #10!!! I blogged about my GOALS as well if you would like you to read about mine :)

REBrown said...

Such good goals!


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