Thursday, March 29, 2012

Call the Fashion Police!

So, whoever invented the yoga pant is extreme genius yet detrimental to fashion. I am in my yoga pants right now as we speak about to head out to class. I wore my yoga pants last night to dinner. Granted I work there, and well, it's not fine dining but still. LC almost refused to go out to dinner with me last night since I had on yoga pants. I won out, but still digress... They are just so darn comfy. I fore go dressing up at times in favor of the easy yoga pants. When did I get so laaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyy!

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Kaley said...

I am horrible about wearing yoga pants too often! My husband absolutely hates them, but they are just too comfy to give up!

Unknown said...

Just wait until you slip on your first pair of maternity jeans (in the future). You'll never want to wear regular jeans again.


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